4 High-Tech Pool Accessories for Adults

Let’s face it, you wanted that pool just as much as the kids. Sure, the kids have fun jumping and splashing about in the water, but you get use out of the pool as well. When the hot summer sun greets you, you gladly go for a dip in your pool.

How can you make your pool even more interesting and desirable? It’s time to add in a few pool accessories for adults! You have all the pool noodles and pool toys or games for kids, but what about you?

In the guide below, you’ll find several swimming pool accessories that every adult will want to add to their pool. Continue reading to start shopping. 

  1. Waterproof Pool Speakers 

We all love to play our favorite tunes while relaxing in the cool water or entertaining friends by the pool. As you set your speakers up and choose a playlist, what’s one thing that begins to concern you? It’s most likely the thought of water splashing on the speaker and causing damage. 

You can now ease your worries and listen to all your favorite songs right in the water with a floatable waterproof pool speaker!

  1. Inflatable Drink Holders

This next accessory might not be a super tech-y pool gadget, but it’ll come in handy. Who doesn’t enjoy sipping on a cold one while enjoying the water? Even if you’re drinking water, iced tea, or lemonade, it’s still nice to have your drink right by your side no matter where you are in the pool.

You can ensure you keep your cold drink by your side with inflatable drink holders. They’ll keep your drinks balanced and afloat right by your side. 

  1. Pool Water Heaters

Is the summer the only time you use your pool? The kids might not mind jumping in the cold water during the cooler months, but you most likely wait until the weather is warm to enjoy your pool. One of the best pool gadgets is a pool water heater from Majestic Pools

Imagine being able to regulate your pool’s water temperature throughout the entire year. This means you’ll get more use out of your pool by enjoying it all year long!

  1. Motorized Pool Lounger

You love to sit on your pool raft and float about. You close your eyes, enjoy the weather, and relax. However, how do you grab your drink when thirsty? 

How do you get to the stairs when you’re ready to get out? We have the answers for you. It’s a motorized pool lounger. 

A motorized pool lounger allows you to control where you float. It also comes with cup holders on each armrest!

What Are The Best Pool Accessories For Adults?

How can you improve your backyard pool experience? Take a look at these pool accessories for adults to start creating a pool atmosphere you never want to leave!

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