4 Holistic Remedies for Feline Arthritis 

Feline fur babies love to jump, run, and leap from place to place. Unfortunately, years of accumulated stress on the joints can lead to several health problems as the furball gets older.

Minor injuries sustained during a young age may become more noticeable over time as the little traumas pile up. Soft connective tissues within the joints and cartilage can become easily damaged, causing much pain, stiffness, mobility issues, and discomfort to the kitty. This is one reason cat owners should consider having a medical financial backup in terms of cat insurance in NZ

Cheap cat insurance makes it possible for cat parents to provide their fluffy friend with the medical care it deserves during distressing health situations and emergencies, which is why they should contemplate purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, this article helps with a few natural remedies for feline arthritis.

Why you should try natural remedies

Conventional medications used to treat feline arthritis are very limited in number. Corticosteroids are often prescribed by animal experts, but beware, as they can cause severe side effects in the long term. So, consider meeting a vet who can provide you with natural remedies that can help relieve your ailing pet’s pain and suffering.

1.Nutritional products

Discuss chondroprotective nutraceuticals with your vet. In simple terms, they are nutritional compounds or products that help guard the cartilage in your furry baby’s body. They promote cartilage repair that corticosteroids are not capable of. Apart from cartilage-building capabilities, they also help lower pain and inflammation in the joints, and some products even work to inhibit enzymes that can hamper the joints.


While some remedies work from the inside, others work from the outside. Acupuncture is an external therapy you can incorporate into your kitty’s treatment plan after seeking a vet’s advice. Regular acupuncture sessions enhance your furball’s mobility, help reduce pain and muscle spasms around deteriorating joints, and improve blood circulation.


Ayurveda is rooted in traditional Indian medicine. It uses various combinations of herbs available on the Earth to restore balance in your pet’s body. For instance, “Ashwagandha” or “Boswellia” has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes blood supply to ailing joints, and heals areas affected by inflammation. Work under a trained ayurvedic physician for effective results. It might take several weeks or months but know that they can cure your cat’s arthritis.

4.Sea cucumber

Sea cucumbers are a part of marine life and related to sea urchins. They are highly nutritious and contain “Mucopolysaccharides”, “Chondroitin”, many vitamins, and minerals that help strengthen and maintain cartilage. Consider purchasing products containing sea cucumber as an ingredient to alleviate pain and inflammation due to arthritis and increase mobility. 

While these remedies can work well in moderate cases of arthritis, more severe cases may require a combination of treatments, including conventional medications and natural remedies. If your older cat is having trouble with walking, is limping, stays cooped up in a corner, or has other painful problems related to bone and joints, then it is best to schedule a vet’s appointment asap.

Cat insurance in NZ can help manage unplanned vet costs with little financial hassle. Consider buying cheap cat insurance in the least, so getting timely medical help need not be a significant financial trouble in times like this and many others.

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