4 Know-Hows For Caravaners

Van-dwelling is a fascinating, adventurous and exhilarating way to lead your life. Be it a motor caravan or a camper, the lifestyle comes with its share of fun and vagaries alike. One of the major concerns is managing your finances with such an offbeat and dynamic lifestyle. Even if you have a bad credit caravan finance firms come to your rescue to help mitigate your financial woes.

In 2020, records stated that caravan numbers had witnessed a growth of 26.7% over the past 5 years in Australia. So, do not think that you are alone if you are struggling to pull together your lifestyle management game as a new caravaner. Here we provide you with important tips regarding know-hows for caravan dwellers.

4 Must-Knows for Caravan Owners:

  1. Rent and Additional Charges

Rent constitutes the payment for space, services, and utilities provided in the caravan park or residential park. The caravan is the subject of the hire charges at a caravan park.

Residents in caravan parks are frequently requested to pay a single price for the spot and the caravan combined. Site tenants and inhabitants of the caravan parks must pay their rent on time, in full, and often in advance.

1.Payment Procedures

Before initiating the rental agreement, the park owner, and the resident, often referred to as the site tenant, should agree on the rent payment mode. Before striking up the agreement, the landlord must inform the tenant of any underlying charges associated with the agreed-upon method.

The proprietor must-

  • Provide the option of some payment method which does not cause the site tenant to incur additional fees
  • Keep the allowance for paying the rent via electronic funds transfer methods
  • Notify the resident of any fees that may be charged if the agreed-upon payment mechanism is not used (e.g., dishonour fees)
  • Not demand that the resident pays via post-dated cheque
  • 2.Rent Hikes

Rent can be increased following the below stipulations only:

  • Rent or the hiring fee can be raised once every 12 months, and at least a 60-day notice to residents of the caravan park must be issued by utilising the Notice of rent/hiring charge increase to residents of the caravan park
  • The terms binding the rent revision must be included in the site agreement for site tenants
  • The agreement can also specify whether the rent would be hiked by a non-set amount or a fixed sum determined using a specific method
  • A rent increase is only allowed once every year

Rent cannot be increased under the circumstance when the site agreement fails to specify the method adopting which rent is computed and changed.


You must pay installation and preliminary connection charges for gas, electricity, bottled gas, or water. Residents in caravan parks and campgrounds must pay for the installation and connection of services from the point of supply on their property to their mobile or house.

If the site has separate metres, the site tenant (resident) is responsible for the supply and usage expenses. Pumping out and cleaning sewage and septic tanks serving the park is the responsibility of the park managers.

Summing Up-

When you are holding bad credit caravan finance firms are there to bail you out. But to lead this thrilling and adventurous life, it is better to be technically aware to ensure your financial security. After all, they do say that it is better to be safe than sorry!

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