6 advantages of SMS marketing

SMS is becoming increasingly popular and a crucial part of multi-channel marketing. After all, it is an effective and easy method of business communication. You can look for SMS services online to send messages or texts in bulk to customers. As per an article, 8 per cent of the world’s population received promotional offers on messages and made purchases. In addition to this, 9 out of 10 people prefer being informed about any offers by text or messages. Due to the increase in the usage of smartphones, companies or businesses have started understanding the vitality of SMS in marketing. If you are still unsure about using this marketing method for your business, you can keep reading to know the advantages.

  1. It is incredibly cost-effective: When compared to traditional marketing, SMS marketing is simply economical and affordable. If you want to market your goods or products within a particular budget, it is possible with SMS marketing. Many companies are cutting down costs by sending messages to customers and keeping them informed about their business. It is an eco-friendly marketing method, allowing you to save the environment by not sending brochures or letters.
  2. The messages are delivered instantly: It is recommended to be associated with the best Cloud telephony provider if you want to attain the benefits of the SMS services. But make sure that the network operator is strong and has connections across the globe. If your business wants to deliver OTPs within a particular time, you can ensure that the relation of network-operator will be of use. You can also find SMS gateways online that allow you to send messages in milliseconds. Businesses will be able to reach customers with such rapid message delivery.
  3. Messages can be easily accessed and personalised: At present, customers’ expectations increase day by day. Many new or existing customers prefer personalised marketing communications rather than mass campaigns. That’s because they consider them relevant in this period of information sharing. It proves that traditional marketing is becoming less effective due to SMS marketing. With the help of some SMS providers, you can ensure that the personalisation of messages is an effortless task. You can use data such as first name, date of birth, email, mobile number, etc., to customise the messages for the customer.
  4. It can increase customer engagement: It is vital to consider SMS to enhance the engagement between brands and customers. Well, you must provide updates on the latest brand developments with the help of creative messages. For instance, public services such as NHS are engaging the target audience with regular updates of their health. Well, your hairdresser and dentist can also provide you with details of your next appointment and the latest offers. Hence, SMS services can increase customer engagement immensely.
  5. It can generate word-of-mouth: When you utilise SMS marketing services, you can ensure that the attention of the new and existing customers is gained. If you have something to offer to your customers, they will communicate it to your family, colleagues, and friends. SMS can generate word-of-mouth. Hence, it is a powerful and strong tool of business communication.
  6. You can monitor the response data and improve: You can monitor the delivery rates and track the Return on Investment (ROI) with the help of the SMS services available online. Although there was a misconception that SMS analytics cannot be tracked easily, but it is made possible similar to the email marketing channel. You can attain analytics with data like how many customers responded to the SMS and so forth. With these analytics, you can improve the Return on Investment (ROI) and save money by creating a much better campaign for the target audience.

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