Are Paid Surveys Legit?

Do you want to make money with paid surveys? If yes, then there are many legitimate opportunities to join.

Paid surveys that offer free registration are the best choice for those looking to earn cash with paid surveys.

However, some surveys may not be worth the time and effort. Below are some tips for finding the best-paid survey opportunities. Read on! You will be amazed by the results!

Branded Surveys

Branded surveys are legit, but they have their share of problems. Branded has a minimum cash-out threshold, a standard for most survey sites.

The payment period is also more extended than most, at three days. You may have to wait for your payment, though. If you’re unsure, you can donate the points to charity. Lastly, if you’re not comfortable with the cashout process, Branded may not be for you.

Several members praise Branded Surveys, stating that they receive frequent surveys and get paid quickly. However, some users note that they are required to answer preliminary questions and don’t earn any points from answering them. This is a red flag for scams. In addition, site members tend to rush through the questions without reading them. Moreover, there’s a chance that you’ll be locked out if you answer more than one question.

Forthright Surveys

Forthright surveys are one of the best methods to earn extra cash as this platform pays you very fast. Besides, Forthright also offers numerous methods to get rewards when you share your opinion by filling out surveys.

If you’re wondering if this platform is legit, you will be surprised to notice that they are one of the most professional paid survey sites in the market.  Members can see how much they will earn before they start taking surveys, and you can opt to receive payments via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

The secret to this is that Forthright partners with independent and academic researchers as well as small companies and big organizations that need data to validate their products or services.

In this form, as a serious market research firm, they provide users special attention and extra support in the process of earning an extra income.


If you’re wondering if Inboxdollars paid surveys are legit, you’ve come to the right place. InboxDollars is an online survey portal that aggregates survey offers from third-party websites, paying you $0.50 and $5 per survey. InboxDollars rewards members with up to ten percent of their earnings, and payouts can take 3 to 10 business days.

InboxDollars offers a cashback program where you can earn rewards by shopping online. It gives you cashback on new and big brands, and you can even earn rewards for signing up for loyalty programs.

Just enter your email address and a password, and you’ll start earning rewards. You can also receive virtual scratch-off cards, which contain hidden cash rewards. The program’s reputation is well-known for its high payouts, but the minimum payout is $3, which can be a barrier for many survey takers.

Vindale Research

Many online survey sites pay little to no cash for user feedback, but Vindale Research has a high payout rate. This site allows users to fill their time by answering surveys relevant to their interests. This site is suitable for both newbies and seasoned paid survey pros. It will pay you to share your thoughts and opinions about different brands and products. The site also has a high referral fee, so you should consider joining a paid survey site like Vindale Research if you have trouble completing a survey.

Vindale Research has a long history of paying out its members if you’re looking for a part-time income source. It claims to have paid out over $5 million to its users and has a low withdrawal threshold. But the website also has many complaints and has received mixed feedback online. Despite its popularity over the last year, Vindale Research is not for everyone. Before you join, consider whether the company is safe to use.


LifePoints started a few years ago. Users have mixed reactions to this company, which provides market research for companies. Participants earn points by completing surveys and tasks. These points can be exchanged for Paypal vouchers, gift cards, or even donations to charity. LifePoints also offers a referral program, but this isn’t the primary focus of this survey site. However, LifePoints claims to have a large and diverse rewards program.

As of this writing, LifePoints has a very high qualifying rate. Members report qualifying one out of every three times. As long as you qualify, you can earn more points than you’d with other survey sites. In addition to surveys, LifePoints also offers research projects and product tests. The rewards for these opportunities can be significantly higher than those of survey sites. However, you should keep this in mind before joining the LifePoints paid surveys panel.

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