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Before we talk about effective attraction spells, let’s make it clear what attraction is. It’s a mutual feeling of being attracted to each other. Such relationships are the best, with both partners feeling comfortable with each other getting exactly as much care, attention and love as they give. The universe likes balance and tends to support such relationships, so they’re usually immune to time and other people’s anger, envy and hatred.

Attraction can be created in two ways, using black magic and white magic spells. When white magic spells are used, a relationship is very close to perfect. The magic practitioner changes both the partners so they feel attracted to each other. For this reason it’s believed that you can’t get good results with white magic, unless you become a better person and truly love, care for your partner, and do your best to keep your relationship and your feelings strong.

Black magic impacts only the target. With a black magic attraction spell on, the target becomes obsessed with you. This condition is similar to hypnosis or a bad dream. Since black magic is very dangerous for one’s mind and karma, we don’t describe black magic spells in our articles. We tell our readers only about white magic rituals designed to help people find love. Spells described herein are not an exception.

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Spells for attraction

To cast this spell, you need a mid-sized picture of the person you love. It’s a common requirement for spells for attraction. Your picture is needed too, and it should also be mid-sized. Check out a lunar calendar and see when the second day of a waxing crescent moon is. Don’t do anything on this day. Just stay home and rest. You’re not allowed to watch TV, read, or listen to music on this day. You may have three small meals (up to 300 calories each).

As soon as it gets dark, put two candles on the floor in the bedroom and light them. Make sure the candles can’t start a fire because you won’t be able to move them for seven days. Don’t clean up the room with the candles for seven days. You shouldn’t even dust any surfaces after the ritual, so it’s better to clean it up beforehand.

Stretch a long and strong natural thread in the room securing it above your head. You can secure its ends to the furniture, to the hooks attached to the wall specifically for this ritual, or with sticky tape. Make sure it’s strong enough and won’t break as this will ruin the ritual. It’s believed that in this ritual a broken thread means a sign from Higher Powers indicating you’re prohibited from influencing the target.  

Nevertheless, our readers know that there is a loophole they can use. They can always hire a professional magic practitioner. Moreover, if you really need professional magical services, we can recommend a good and proven spellcaster if you ask about one in a comment.

Now put the picture of the target on a thread and attach it to the thread stretched in the room. Make sure you can move the picture with ease, as you’ll need to do it a few times during the ritual. Hand your picture at the opposite end of the room. Make sure the pictures face each other.

Now say the following spell:

“Go away, mean night! Go away, ice cold! Go away, darkness! You (name) used to feel cold and lonely without me (name). But then you saw some light on the horizon. This is the light of my love. Go towards it! Hurry up! Run! Know that I love you very much. That my love draws you (name) to me (name)! The closer you come, the more love you’ll get. The stronger you hug me, the lighter it’ll get.”

Repeat the last two sentences 3 times. Then move the pictures a little closer to each other. You need to perform this ritual 6 more times in the next six days. The pictures should touch each other on the last day. When they do, leave them for 6 hours without putting out the candles (all the other times put out the candles as soon as the ritual is completed) and meditate, thinking about your future relationship.

Now take the thread stretched in the room down making sure the pictures don’t touch the floor. Keep the pictures pressed to each other tightly, put one candle to each side (which you used during the ritual), and wind it around with the thread. Wrap it in your nightgown and put it on the floor in your closet. This spell should bring first results, which depend on how strong and sincere your feelings are for the target, as soon as the next day.

Casting attract love spells

White magic attract love spells can’t be cast successfully, unless one key ingredient is used. This ingredient is love. Without it, there is no point in using white magic at all. You can’t melt ice unless you have heat, and you can’t magnetize metal unless you have a magnet. You can’t make someone love you, unless you love this person. Love is the key component of white magic love spells and all professional spellcasters know about it and are always happy to help clients who truly love the target.

Apart from love, there are other factors contributing to a successful love spell. They are:

  • Physical and mental health;
  • Absence of nightmares;
  • High energy levels;
  • Healthy lifestyle ensuing physical and mental purity;
  • Fortune-telling performed in advance to confirm the target and the client are meant for each other;
  • Faith in one’s magical abilities;
  • Understanding that a spell to attract love is very difficult to undo.

Speaking of preliminary fortune-telling, experienced magic practitioners often know that their clients are making a mistake. They’re part of a love triangle which they don’t know about. Here’s like a love triangle is formed. Someone falls in love with you, giving you some of their love energy, and you start feeling love too. Since you don’t know who your secret admirer is, you look at the candidates around and choose one who you think is the best. This person isn’t interested in you though, so you decide to use a love spell, without knowing about the love triangle you’re a part of.

The problem is such spells are like a house of cards. When you put a love spell on someone who has some feelings for you, you get a happy, strong and lasting relationship. But when you put a love spell on a random person and it proves to be successful, this person falls in love with you. The third member of your love triangle finds out about your love affair and loses interest in you. This person stops giving you their energy and at some point you find yourself thinking you have no feelings for your partner left whatsoever. Your partner falls out of love with you too, but he or she can’t just leave you. There is your love attraction spell in place. As a result, you find yourself in that kind of relationship which we’re sure you’ve seen before, when two people don’t love each other but choose to stay together.

There is a good love ritual you can perform. To perform it, women need a female cat and men need a male cat. Put pictures of all candidates on your bed, including the people you’re not attracted to at the moment. Let the cat in and walk away. The door should be locked. In about an hour, come back and look at the pictures:

  • The pictures which ended up on the floor show the people who’re not good for you;
  • The pictures which have been flipped over show the people who’re not good for you;
  • If the cat never made it on top of your bed, none of the pictures show the person destined to you;
  • The picture the cat is sitting on shows the partner who’s in love with you and who’s destined to you.

You’re lucky if this picture shows someone you’re attracted to. In this case you don’t need any complicated spells. You may use a simple one and the result will be fantastic. If you don’t like the person chosen by the cat, you may perform any of the three rituals described by us to make this person’s feelings for you fade. Then (in about 8 to 10 days) you’ll either feel love for that third party or not. If you still feel love for the third party but the cat chose someone else, think if it’s the right person for you. You can talk to a professional spellcaster if you want and then use a love spell if you want.

An attraction spell for a specific person

Some attraction spells are still very effective today despite the fact that they’re several centuries old. One of them is a bird ritual which can be performed by people living in big cities and small towns. Put up a bird house outside to be able to see it from your bedroom and put some birdseed in it every morning. After a while, birds will remember your birdhouse and start coming to it to eat. When you see a bird eating your birdseed, come up to the window and, with your eyes on the bird, say:

“You’re a little but fast bird. You can fly far and high. You can fly to where I can’t and see someone I can’t see. So fly high and find (the target’s name) for me. Then fly over him and sing him a song about my love. Let your song fall into his ears like golden drops. Let him (the target’s name) think it’s his heart talking about love for me (your name) and fall in love with me. Fly, bird. Do as I asked. And then come back for more birdseed, for delicious food and my gratitude.”

Repeat this ritual until your get some result. You may have to wait for a long time, but the result is definitely worth the wait. When the love spell works, please tell us about it. We’ll appreciate your feedback and would love to know how effective your spell proved to be and how long it took the target to realize he or she was in love with you.

Attraction spells without ingredients can be just as effective. The easiest one is cast in the bathroom.  Start filing the tub, sit next to it, and say, with your hand in the water:

“I’ll enter the water giving me beauty and strength. I’ll lie in the water and walk out a beautiful person. I’ll be so attractive that (name) will notice me immediately. I’ll be the most beautiful, cute and desired person he’s ever seen. Water, please change me and give me (name) love.”

Keep saying the spell until the tub is full. Then get in and take a bath. Then go on a date with the person you love. The energy you’ll radiate will melt any man’s heart.

Attraction spells without ingredients

Speaking of attraction spells which require no ingredients, we can’t help but tell you about a mirror spell. It can be cast by people who believe that mirrors are windows to parallel universes, and that every time they come up to the mirror, they see not themselves but someone else who lives their own life in a parallel universe. To cast a mirror spell, you should ask your doppelganger to help you find love. It’s believed that your doppelganger can find the right person for you reflected in one of the mirrors and influence this person to bring you together. 

We won’t prove or disprove this theory. But before you tell us there’s no way it’s true, let us remind you of one simple physics experiment. If you stand in front of the mirror with a camera, the camera focuses not based on as the distance between you and mirror as one would expect. It’s been proven experimentally that the camera focuses as if the object is standing at the same distance to the mirror as you are. Thus, a mirror universe is possible.

The attraction spell is cast as follows:

Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say:

“I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me. I wish you happiness and you don’t wish me ill. I can’t help you but you can help me. You can find my love and make him love me. Let him love me strong and deeply. Make me feel truly loved and happy. I’ll come up to the mirror and give you a part of my happiness. I’ll be happy making you, my reflection, happy too. It’s my payment, it’s your reward. Please help me! Please bring love to me!”

Say it once and cover the mirror with some thick fabric for one week. If nothing happens within one week, repeat the ritual. You can perform it up to seven times. If your seventh attraction spell for a specific person doesn’t work, take the mirror out and break it. Now buy and hang a new mirror. Don’t cast any more mirror spells and perform a special ritual to purify the place where a mirror spell has been cast using 12 candles.

When you cast spells at home and they don’t work, don’t be upset. Even though the spells described in our articles are strong, there is still no guarantee you’ll get what you want. There are too many factors impacting the outcome. What a professional spellcaster can do with ease is extremely difficult for a beginner. For this reason we always suggest using professional magic services as an easier and safer option.

You’ll require an incredibly competent and mighty archer like Spellcaster Maxim to cast these white magic love spells
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