Best Institutions to Pursue Data Science Courses in Bangalore

In the digital realm, data science is ruling all over the world; and ensuring to be one of the most effective data-driven methodologies. Present-day scenarios in the digital world insist on creating more and more data scientist individuals. The need to meet the expectations is a current uphill battle. According to the reports of Times Of India, tech giants based out of the top metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are also facing numerous circumstances when it comes to recruiting a data science professional. Bangalore alone hires 54% of data scientists annually. This requirement has led to the establishment of numerous institutions in Bangalore, offering data science courses in Bangalore.

The necessitate for data scientists has carved hype for Data science course in Bangalore.

Are you circling about different institutions in pursuit of the data scientist course in Bangalore? sit back while we explain everything related to it through this blog.

First, Let’s go to the core and try to understand why the data science course is so well-liked.

Undoubtedly, the data science profession is rewarding- provided you have accurate competency. In such scenarios, the Data scientist course in Bangalore is a nail-biter. That is so because the courses are curated with utmost detail. They also give provisions for enrolling and pursuing the course in an online or hybrid system. This makes the course suitable for employed professionals. The courses in general can be taken at your leisure. In simple terms, courses are highly productive, industry-focused, specialized, and cover the most recent tools and technology.

To understand more, let’s dig into the quintessence of a couple of courses across Bangalore.

Listing of Data science courses in Bangalore

  1. AnalytixLabs: They go with the promising philosophy of job assured or money return policy.
  • Mode of Teaching- They have a classroom, boot camp, interactive live- training session, and self-paced e-learning.
  • Course Overview- It first covers data science foundation, data analytics with Excel, data analytics with SQL, data visualization and analytics via Tableau, and data analytics with VBA.
  • Career Support- This includes profile building, preparing for interviews, job recommendations, etc.
  1. Simplilearn: It has a linked alliance with IBM. IBM is the leading contributor of machine learning and predictive analytics solutions.
  • Mode of Teaching- They teach the course via live industry-led instructors (masterclasses) and online classroom flexi pass, despite certain coursework demands to be completed by classroom presence.
  • Course Syllabus- Simplilearn course makes its way through programming languages, SQL, IBM’s Python for Data Science, application of data science with Python, machine learning, training on Tableau, and capstone projects.
  • Career Support- To utilize it, an individual needs to have a premium membership to gain access to the JobAssist program. The Job Assist program includes resume-building assistance, mentorship, interview preparation, career fairs, etc.
  1. Intellipat: Intellipat’s data scientist course in Bangalore helps grab the notion of data science.
  • Mode of Teaching- Intellipat put up the course as live and self-paced learning with industrial and subject-matter experts.
  • Course Syllabus- They have preparatory sessions with Python & Linux, SQL-data wrangling, linear algebra & advanced statistics, data science with Python, supervised and unsupervised ML, deep learning, performance matrix, TensorFlow, case studies, and capstone projects.
  • Career Support- It is carried out via job assistance comprising placement assistance and gaining complete access to Intellipat’s job portal. Apart from that, tricks and tips to crack an interview with mock interviews and personalized sessions following profile building can also be seen.
  1. Learnbay- Learnbay promises to train you from top-notch tech mentors and provide dual certification in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft.
  • Mode of teaching- It allows learners from diverse backgrounds to enroll in the course, starting from newbies to experienced professionals. So, it proffers through live online classes and pre-recorded sessions.
  • Course Syllabus – The certification course of Learnbay caters to various crowds such as HR professionals, marketing, BFSI, and leaders & managers via domain specialization. The components of the curriculum are preparatory classes, python programming, big-data analysis, data visualization, AI tools and their future potency, GEN-AI, data administration, deployment, etc.
  • Career Support- It has 100% career support through a dedicated placement group, 1:1 doubt-clearing sessions, ECTS credits (accepted globally), capstone projects, project innovation labs, dual certification, etc.
  1. EXCELR- It gives training on Data science courses in Bangalore in association with Future Skills Prime (an initiative on digital upskilling by NASSCOM).
  • Mode of teaching – Although their key mode of the curriculum is via live classes, they also provide access to pre-recorded sessions of live classes.
  • Course Syllabus – The course is extensively curated for experts who desire to take the succeeding move in their careers. The prerequisite of this course is a basic foundation of math and an analytical brain. The syllabus consists of an introductory part of data science, R, Python, probability, hypothesis testing, etc.
  • Career Support has a devoted placement cell that conducts mock interviews, suggests possible interview questions, resume building, etc. Besides, post-training support is also there to help till you can land a job.


To put it in a nutshell, the following enlisted digitally trending four institutes serve the need for a data scientist course in Bangalore. All of them provide various modes to learn the course, i.e., from beginner to advanced level. We hope this blog detangles the confusion of selecting the best institution for learning a Data science course in Bangalore. Hence, get admitted to the best Data science course in Bangalore and climb the ladder of success in the data science field.

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