India alone has over 290 million users of Facebook. Criminals are also growing at the same rate every year all over the world. We have seen some of our friends posting, “my account has been hacked; ignore my posts.” These criminals steal personal data and ruin the online popularity of Facebook users.

When you type hack Facebook on Google’s search bar, you will get a large number of websites asking for a target email address so that they can provide you with the password to hack that account. But they are not safe, and most of them are fake. They may be trying to hack your account only, so be careful!!!!

In some cases, the hackers’ aim is to gain money. They hack the Facebook account then send the friend request to a number of people. Next, ask for money by telling various Hire a Hacker reasons. These fraudsters can hack your Facebook account through login information, email address, password. To avoid hacking, use a strong password, confirm your phone number, switch on to secure browsing, activate login approvals, do not activate ‘keep me logged in,’ use private browsing.

Instead of all these precautions, criminals can hack Facebook passwords and email in rare cases. To be safe and to manage the situations when your account gets hacked; you need to have the knowledge of how to hack? Why do they hack? Etc. In this write up we provide you some information regarding how to hack Facebook passwords.

Facebook passwords can be hacker for hire using Keyloggers, Phishing, by hacking primary email addresses and social engineering or by simply making various guesses.


It is a popular and the easiest way to hack Facebook passwords. This is a cyber-attack where the criminal sends the messages acting like a good person or entity. These messages often contain the files to be installed, malicious links. Phishing is correlated with threats like code injection, network attacks, malware, etc.

Recently the Brand Phishing Report for Q3 2020 was released by Checkpoint research. This provides details of Phishing attacks that behave similar to well known brands. According to research, email phishing is the most common one.

Phishers use your Facebook account to collect information about you like personal, work experience, family background, job title, email, etc. they use this information to send fake messages. There are many types of Phishing, including Email phishing, spear phishing, whaling, smishing, angler phishing.

You can identify phishing messages if there are signs such as

sense of urgency

language or tone used for messaging

if the message requests you to install any software

spelling or grammar errors in the message

if it asks to provide personal details or payment details

improper web address

You can conduct a phishing attack Hire A hacker test to improve security. Or you can even use Endpoint monitoring and protection to avoid hacking of Facebook passwords through phishing.

Keyloggers and RAT’s

It is a lengthy and less popular method of hacking passwords compared to phishing. For this you need to install the hack tool. There are also security issues with this method. To hack Facebook password, you have to create a keylogger and make it reach the victims. This method becomes even more easier if you have access to the victim’s system.

All you have to do is to download the Keylogger and operate it so as to forward all the recorded keystrokes to various locations on your list. Keylogger stores the keystrokes using which you can hack the password of desired Facebook account.

Steps to hack password using keylogger

ü Design your server

ü Take out the icons from any software

ü Hide the keylogger by binding it

ü Spread it to the target accounts

To protect yourself from keylogger hacking follow these tricks

ü Always have the updated antivirus

ü Do not install the cracked software

ü Scan the files before downloading

ü Don’t allow anybody to use your system

ü Password protect your system

Social engineering or predicting the password

One may think this method to viable at first, but they will come to know its importance, once they succeed in hacking Facebook password. In this method, you need to answer some security questions by stealing information from the victim’s FB account. Actually, you can guess the password from the details uploaded by the victim on social media. Try these simple tricks to hack your friends account,

·   Mobile number of your friend or their girlfriend’s / boyfriend’s number: better to try with their old number.

·   Girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s names and the combination of those to names.

·   Date of birth

·   Their favorite book, movie, TV show character, hero, heroine. (2 states, Naitik, Hrithik Roshan, Madhuri Dikshit)

·   Remember that passwords should contain at least one capital letter, small letter, number, special character. And try to guess the password accordingly.

Hack using Kali Linux

It is the top operating system used in penetration testing. The percentage of success using Kali Linux is almost hundred percent. To use this method to hack Facebook password follow the below given steps.

·   Install Kali Linux on your device. Even virtual machine can be used to install it.

·   Set the toolkit

·   Learn how to operate Kali Linux before downloading it.

·   After installing login as a “root user”

·   Now select “all applications” on the left corner

·   Then search “settoolkit” and run it.

·   As the toolkit opens, you will see many options

·   In these select ‘social engineering attacks’

·   Next between some options select ‘website attack vectors’

·   Now chose credential harvester attack method

·   Then enter the IP address

·   After providing proper credentials you have to know whether it works or not. now login to Facebook by entering id and password.

However, doing only this you can’t hack the Facebook password because it’s a very complex method and everyone can not do it. Only experts and licensed people can handle it very easily. And if you try to hack or hack any social media account, you will be punished by the government as it is illegal.

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