Intuit and Google work together integrating QuickBooks and G Suite

The makers of QuickBooks and the Internet search giant recently announced a partnership. This alliance facilitates a larger consortium between the software transactions of each company with the SMEs.

Intuit is probably the most popular brand in the financial software industry. Click here to Download QuickBooks  for Desktop which QuickBooks  is best accounting software is their best jewel in the software market . Since then, they have created products that help freelancers and small businesses manage their financial records and tax obligations. To keep up with technology development, they upgraded their QuickBooks software to include cloud-based partnerships. It focuses on collaboration with Google’s own online business software, GSuite.

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A few weeks ago, GSuite was formerly known as “Google Apps for Work”. Recently, some updates have been made to the software. One promising upgrade is that G Suite customers can now use Google Calendar to plot meeting and appointment schedules. Additionally, these schedules will be automatically available in QuickBooks. This means a fast and easy billing system. It’s easy for users to bill their business in the QuickBooks software without manually entering an appointment.

In addition, businesses can now register with QuickBooks using the G Suite Marketplace. It also provides single sign-on functionality to the customers. They access QuickBooks directly from their Google Account. This means employees don’t have to worry about remembering too many user logins and passwords. All they need to do is remember their Google login information.

This partnership is certainly a notable feature for Google, as QuickBooks is one of the biggest brands in the accounting software industry in the world. This is a favorable situation for both the parties. QuickBooks helps bring G Suite closer to the people, and G Suite allows Intuit to attract new users and retain existing users. In fact, most of Intuit’s customers are already using some, if not most, of Google’s online tools.

An interesting partnership between Google and Intuit has just begun. This partnership will bring tremendous benefits to hundreds if not millions of SMEs around the world. The vice president and leader of Intuit’s developer team pointed this out. According to Vinay Pai, according to his records, about 56% of QuickBooks users are already using Google Calendar. By applying the two technologies, we can significantly enhance the solutions we already provide to our customers.

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