Is Microsoft 365 A Suitable Product for Legal Firms?

Microsoft 365 for Legal is a powerful tool within the legal sector. For many years, Microsoft have been one of the leading producers of business software solutions across many sectors, and in recent years they have worked to ensure that their products have features that are designed to support specific types of businesses and specific sectors. We spoke about this with TechQuarters, a Microsoft Partner who has been providing small business IT support London based companies have been using for more than 12 years now. They have worked with legal firms and solicitors, and they know all about how Microsoft 365 for Legal works.

Microsoft 365 for Legal

Microsoft conceived of the Microsoft 365 solution for Legal in order to help legal firms operate to their fullest potential through the various business solutions that Microsoft 365 offers.

It has even been found in surveys that Microsoft Outlook – a key app within the M365 plan – is the most widely used emailing, calendaring, and contact management tool in the legal sector. Furthermore, the Microsoft Office apps – including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – are ubiquitous across all sectors for being ideal productivity and content creation tools for office work.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Law Firms

As an IT support company London legal firms have worked with extensively, TechQuarters know all about the best business solutions for this sector. We asked them why Microsoft 365 for Legal is considered to be so effective. Below is a list of the top benefits…

  • Workflow Optimization

The apps in Microsoft 365 are great for optimizing workflows. Communication is highly streamlined, thanks to Microsoft Teams and Outlook covering all main forms of business communication (email, instant messaging, telephony, and videoconferencing). SharePoint and OneDrive make it possible for files to be shared incredibly easily, and the way that they integrate with other apps (like Outlook and Word) means there are very few barriers to sharing files. All content-based apps – such as Excel, Word, OneNote, etc. – support live co-authoring, too; which means teams and colleagues can collaborate on work remotely, with ease.

  • File Sharing and Management

Secure and efficient file management is an important thing for every industry, and especially for the Legal sector. Both OneDrive and SharePoint benefit from Microsoft’s cutting edge cloud security technology, so Legal firms can rest assured that their files are protected. As for the management and sharing aspect –OneDrive and SharePoint make file sharing incredibly easy; and it is even possible to enable secure sharing directly within apps like Word and Excel.

  • Increases Firm Mobility

Like many sectors nowadays, individuals in a legal firm may often find themselves working out of the office almost as much as they work in the office. With Microsoft 365, all apps included are cloud-based, meaning they can be accessed on desktop, on the web, and on mobile, without any interruption in user experience (all your files will be available across all platforms).

  • Build Better Client Relationships

Client relationships are incredibly important in the legal sector, which is why legal firms should be looking for solutions that help them maximise that relationship. Microsoft 365 can help legal firms optimize client interactions in a few ways – firstly, Microsoft Teams and Outlook make it easy and efficient to communicate with external parties; and SharePoint may also be used as a means of sharing information to clients and parties outside of the organisation (via the use of sites).

  • Get Better Security

In providing IT support for legal firms, TechQuarters has seen what priorities they have when it comes to technology. A big one is cyber security, as the data they work with is highly sensitive. Moreover, legal firms have regulations with which they need to comply, which makes security even more imperative. With Microsoft 365 for Legal, all applications are protected with enterprise level security – including advanced threat detection and protection, endpoint management, and more. Furthermore, Microsoft are liable for security breaches in organisations that use their software, which not only means legal firms are insulated from risk, but it shows that Microsoft are supremely confident in the security of their products.

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