People of Australia have started to notice the growing trading trends. More people invest in stocks like future indices to grow their savings. They no longer see stock trading as a risk instead wish to seek trustworthy platforms and initiate their trading journey. Corporate folks and independent parties in Australia from big cities like Sydney and Brisbane invest in Forex stocks. People prefer to download MetaTrader 4 in Australia to trade and buy Forex and Indices easily. 

A survey showed that around 13% of the Australian adult demographic would consider investing in stocks. Out of this estimated 2.5 million individuals, 74% of men and 63% of women seem keen on investing in potential stock funds. The younger demographic of Australia are keener on putting their money in the stock market. 81% of Gen-Z and 79% of Gen-Y of Australia wish to research and commit to Forex stocks and other indices. Tools like MT4 (MetaTrader 4) are becoming popular by the day. Many advanced tools within this platform allow people to interact effortlessly and independently. This article will shed light on the various queries individuals have on the MT4 platform and the tools to navigate it.

Common queries on the MT4 platform explained:

  • Buy limit order: Most new traders downloading MetaTrader 4 in Australia get confused about the order option. They try to place a buy limit order, where they either buy or go way below the present market rates. Beginners need to understand that when they buy below market rate, they must wait for the limit order to come into force. When the market value starts depreciating and eventually touches the buyer request price, the buy limit order gets executed immediately. Similarly, if the investor wishes to quote a price higher than the current market price when the value of the shares rises and hits the request mark, the seller limit is executed. 
  • Alarms and alerts: Many first time investors have a common query about setting alert reminders and alarms for their stocks on the MT4 platform. Inside the UI (User Interface), the viewer can scroll to the bottom of the terminal tab on the screen. Click on the “alerts” and “create” an alert with the desired parameters and click on “OK”. 
  • Rescan for servers: When traders wish to look for alternative servers, they can rescan their servers. It will refresh their connection with the present server and move to a new trading server. This option is available at the bottom of the user interface screen. It will be highlighted with red and green bars. On clicking those, the servers will be rescanned and connected accordingly.

Tools on the Metatrader 4 platform:

There are a lot of new users on the MT4 platform from Australia almost every day. Statistics show that one in five individuals download MetaTrader 4 in Australia to begin their indices trading journey. The platform has many user-friendly tools made accessible to their traders. The following are a list of frequently used tools during daily trade:

  • Volume tool: This tool selects the size of trade to be made. It is nothing but the number of CFDs (contract for differences) that the individual wants to invest.
  • Symbol tool: It is a tool on the platform that allows investors to select the type of investment like Forex, precious metals, index stocks, etc.
  • Type tool: This is a tool where if it says “instant execution”, the trade is made instantly, whereas if it displays “pending order”, the trader can decide on the time to execute the trade transaction.

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