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Tap Water Damaging Your Hair, Skin, and Nails: How?

Doctors and various professionals have always clarified that water is the most suitable solution for healthy skin and hair. Consuming a good amount of water and cleansing your skin and hair with pure water always keep them nutritious and beautiful.

But the same water can damage your skin, hair, and nails. The water that is treated chemically from the tap can be seriously dangerous for your hair, skin, and nails. You must check the water purifier price in Chennai to get the best one to cure the damage.

Reason For Stress About Your Tap Water

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Usually, you go to tap water when you want to clean your face or wash your hair. But it might be damaging for your skin and hair. Tap water can also potentially damage your hair, skin, and nails because the water is treated with chemicals like Chlorine and Fluoride.

Here are the two major things in your tap water that are brutal for your soft skin and vibrant hair.


In India, we can get tap water from river water, groundwater, or water coming from big reservoirs. This water usually contains some pollutants and impurities like dirt and bacteria. Therefore, municipal corporations and various water supplying companies treat the water using Chlorine to remove bacteria.

Chlorine filters the water and makes it drinkable by getting rid of life-threatening micro-organic impurities like viruses and other bacterias. But this Chlorine rips off the natural oils that protect your skin and hair and harms them.

Hard Water

The tap water coming to your home can be hard water that includes high mineral content. The two primary constituents of hard water are Calcium and Magnesium, and it also consists of additional minerals like iron, copper, zinc, and others.

Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and copper are suitable for health, but they can harm your hair, skin, and nails. You can find out the tap water is hard or not by looking at your bath fittings. Hard white stone-like deposition on your bath fittings is a precise sign of hard water. You can use an RO water purifier for your home and for that you must check the RO water purifier price in Chennai.

How Does Tap Water Affect Your Skin?

Hard water can have a huge impact on your skin. Here is the list of some common bad effects that hard water can have on your skin.

Dry And Flaky Skin

Hard water has many minerals, such as calcium, that do not mix with soap well. Consequently, while washing your face or bathing, the soap residue may remain on your skin for a long time, and it makes your skin dry and flaky.

Premature Aging

Chlorine in hard water has a devastating effect on your skin. It directs to more rapid aging of your skin.

Chlorine can be very dangerous for your skin. It removes the natural oils, which keep your skin soft and protect it from harsh weather and pollution. Your skin drys up and crack in the absence of natural oils, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

Chlorine Also Kills Good Bacteria

Many municipal corporations and water-providing agencies add Chlorine to water for your tap. This is done to filter the water from bacteria and other contaminants. But along with the dangerous bacteria, Chlorine also destroys the good bacteria that are good for your gut and skin sometimes.

Chlorine Might Increase Cancer Risks

Some professionals have also correlated Chlorine with cancer. Whether you are consuming chlorinated water or cleaning your skin and hair, it can cause cancer. Some reports suggest that people exposed to chlorinated water have a high risk of colorectal cancers.

How Does Tap Water Impact Your Hair?

Chlorine and hard water cause noticeable harm to your hair and skin. If the TDS level of the water is quite high, you will see how the water is affecting your hair health along with your skin.

Split Ends and Damaged Strands

Chlorine and different chemicals present in the hard water can also harm your hair. Hard water contains minerals like calcium can cause split ends and damaged hair. Calcium has sticky nature, which makes it very hard to get rid of water.

How Does Tap Water Affect Your Nails?

Nails are made with keratin, and some layers of it are combined to form a hard nail bed. But the minerals resent in the hard water react with the keratin and may weaken the layered bed. Because of this, you may face some troubles and symptoms like:

  • Brittle nails
  • Thinning of the nails
  • Discoloration of the nails

Now, if you go for your nails manicure in this condition, your nails can get damaged and broken. Therefore, if you want to get back the shine and growth of your nails, you must get away from hard water.

Ways to Minimize the harm?

You can’t always change your location to get rid of hard water. Rather, you can make some changes in your life to reduce the harm.

  • You can use a tap or shower filter to avoid dangerous chemicals such as Chlorine that can harm your skin, hair, and nails
  • You can also use a good water purifier in Chennai
  • You must establish a hard water softener at your home to get soft water all time
  • You must control your shower duration to decrease the exposure to hard water
  • You must start using a hair conditioning mask to give the needed nourishment that the hard water may have removed out from your hair
  • You must use a good moisturizer and lotion for your skin and nails after a shower
  • You can apply nail paint consistently to save your nails from being flaky.


Hard water is dangerous to consume and is dangerous to your skin, hair, and nails. Frequent disclosure to hard water can harm your skin, hair, and nails by making them brittle, dry, and unattractive. Taking required steps, in this case, is the only way to keep you secure from such harm.

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