The Advanced Sleep-Wake Phase: How To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

For some people, sleep time will generally happen between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Since sleep time is early, they additionally get up ahead of schedule. They will naturally awaken between 2 a.m and 5 a.m. The reason for sleeping early is not uncommon, and sleep itself is typically normal. Those who are normally early birds with a circadian rhythm that means they sleep for hours ahead of the standard bedtime and get up at a later time than the majority of sleepers. 

What is Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder?

If you have trouble sleeping at the right time, you may be suffering from this condition. Unlike other forms of sleep disorder, this one causes a delayed reaction to light and darkness. It is a relatively common cause of daytime drowsiness. Fortunately, treatment for delayed sleep-wake phase disorders can be found through various methods, including improved sleep hygiene.

Delayed sleep-wake phase disorder is a common disorder that often causes a person to become extremely sleepy during the day. These conditions can impair a person’s academic, social, or behavioral performance and even lead to depression. The effects of delayed sleep-wake phase disorder are also often accompanied by mood changes and chronic tardiness. The condition can also interfere with a person’s ability to shift their sleep schedule back to an earlier time.

Reasons for Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder?

  • The underlying cause of delayed sleep-wake phase disorder is unclear. This disorder affects adolescents between 7 and 16% and is not considered a deliberate behavior. The primary reason for progressive sleep-wake phase disorder is a distorted internal body clock resulting from age-related changes.
  • The shift in the internal clock during puberty may cause the condition. It is rare for the disorder to develop after early adulthood. In general, it is a sign of a sleep problem. All organic changes connected with rest also happen at earlier times. This incorporates a pre-release of melatonin and different hormones. The internal heat level bend is additionally moved earlier. This has been utilized as a marker to recognize this problem.
  • Individuals with Advanced Sleep phase disorder (ASP) might confuse their concern with something different. They might believe that getting up too soon indicates one or the other sleep deprivation or insomnia. They might stress over being conscious so early. It is difficult for them to be aware when others are sleeping. A person should have 7-9 hours of sleep every day.

Symptoms Of Advanced  Sleep Phase Disorder (ASP)

Some significant symptoms of Asp are as follow:

  • Early evening sleepiness and excessive daytime sleepiness. 
  • Individuals with this disorder often have trouble remaining awake after 9:00 p.m. and cannot sleep after 5:00 a.m. Most patients report that their preferred sleep time ranges from 4:00 p.m. to midnight. 
  • However, some people with this condition can have other sleep problems, including insomnia and a restless night.
  • In addition to the symptoms of early morning wakefulness and early evening sleepiness, advanced sleep phase disorder can result in a lack of energy.

The patient will be tired during the day and will likely have difficulty functioning socially at work. These symptoms can cause severe complications for a person.

Diagnosing Sleep-wake Phase Disorder

A careful history of sleep and wakefulness is essential to Advanced Sleep phase disorder (ASP). Your healthcare provider can also perform sleep studies and sleep logs to assess the disorder.

  • A sleep log is usually taken over one to two weeks. If your sleeping patterns are inconsistent or irregular, a complete study of sleep and wakefulness may be needed. Your healthcare provider can use these results to identify underlying causes of symptoms.
  • Actigraph can also be used, which monitors your sleep at home.
  • Other than that, ASP can also be diagnosed by checking the body temperature and measuring the melatonin level by testing saliva. These are some significant tests that will assist in diagnosing the disorder.

Treatment for Advanced Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder 

A Cure for Advance Sleep-wake Phase disorder may be possible. There are no known causes of progressive sleep-wake phase disorder, and there are no specific treatments to correct the condition. The suggested remedies are ways to manage the symptoms and may be effective for some patients. However, a shift sleep schedule can affect your mental function, leading to negative consequences. 

Generally, advanced sleep-wake phase disorder treatment involves adjusting the individual’s circadian rhythm. Symptoms of this condition include early morning wake-up and early-evening sleepiness.

  • A therapist can help people cope with their disorder by modifying their habits. 
  • In extreme cases, patients may even need to change their eating schedules. Some doctors prescribe melatonin.
  • While a doctor may prescribe melatonin or refer them to a specialist for further evaluation, an alternative treatment for this disorder involves medication.

Sleep specialists usually attempt to assist patients with acclimating to their “morning person” timekeepers. For instance, individuals with ASP should not make arrangements to do things late around evening time. You ought not to work the late evening or evening shifts. You ought not to involve caffeine or energizers in the evening. This will demolish your sleep. You should not utilize liquor or medications to stay sleepy during early-morning hours. Also try to sleep on a comfortable mattress which will sleep better.


A delayed sleep-wake phase disorder is a disorder that prevents a person from sleeping at the right time. It can affect the person’s ability to work, attend school, and perform other daily activities. This disorder can even cause people to suffer from depression. Regardless of the cause, this condition can significantly impact your life. This disease can be challenging to treat, but treatment will provide a cure for the problem if caught early enough.

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