Understanding How The Right Franchise CRM Solution Can Help You

Franchisors know that keeping track of what’s happening with franchisees is important for everyone. From getting data about revenue generation to providing resources that franchisees can put to good use the right platform will make a difference. The right franchise CRM solution will aid in just about every aspect of the business relationship. Here are some examples of what the right choice can do.

Templates That Make Building Pages Simple

Equipping franchisees with tools that help them get up and running faster is advantageous for all parties. Offering a CRM solution that makes it easy to build a viable website is a great resource to have on hand. Much of the heavy lifting is already done. All that’s left is to customize the content for the local territory and the site is ready to deploy.Landing pages are another tool that franchisees can put to good use. Templates for this purpose will also come in handy. Like the website pages, providing a resource that the franchisee can adapt with information about the local territory will make launching this resource even easier.

Simplicity in Tracking Sale Funnels

Franchisors need to know where potential franchisees happen to be in the sales process. From the first contact all the way through to launching a franchise in an assigned territory, being aware of the current status makes it easier to plan for the next round of contacts. See it as a way to provide better organization to your efforts to increase the number of franchises found in various parts of the country.

You get to set up the funnel in a way that makes sense in your industry. Start with qualified leads, then opt for prospects as your next category. From there, you can have one that indicates the candidate is about to sign on. Last, the candidate is now a fully licensed and certified franchisee.

Automated Solutions for Managing Social Media

Social media is a huge part of reaching potential clients for franchisees. It’s also one of the ways that franchisors can attract attention from candidates who may be interested in the opportunity to own a franchise. Making the management of social media accounts as simple as possible is good for everyone.

A franchise CRM solution that includes automation for social media ensures that social media accounts display new posts on a recurring basis. This helps to build interest, make it easier for posts to be shared with interested parties, and is one of the simplest and most cost-effective tools you and your franchisees can use.

Enhanced Lead Qualification and Intelligence

As as franchisor, you know there’s a difference between raw leads and qualified leads. With the former, determining if the contact might be interested in becoming a franchisee hasn’t happened yet. With a qualified lead, there is definitely some interest. It’s the latter that needs your attention.

The right CRM solution will aid in the lead qualification process. You can use it to differentiate between the merely curious and those who seriously want to know more. Think of this feature as one way to put your time and effort to better use.

There’s more that the right CRM tool can accomplish. Arrange for a free trail of the system that’s caught your eye, and try if for a few weeks. You may find that it makes a significant difference in how you find and support your franchisees.

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