What will Weighted Blanket Covers and King Size Mattress Pads Offer You?

The importance of king size mattress pads and weighted blanket covers cannot be overemphasized. This is because of their great features and qualities. These features and qualities play a huge role in improving your sleep.

To understand this topic better, let’s consider the features and benefits of both.

Features of the King Size Mattress Pads

100% Natural Cotton

100% natural cotton materials aren’t just great for children and sensitive skins; they are very cool and wonderfully soft to the touch. This is why they serve as ideal cover materials for top quality king size mattress pads.

World’s Softest and Finest Down Alternative

Top-quality king size mattress pads are made from the softest and finest down alternative. This ensures that the mattress pad doesn’t just go flat within two years of use. Rather, they will remain ultra plush and supportive for years to come. The down alternative’s quality is what differentiates some premium mattress pads from others.

Plushness and Comfort for years to come

King size mattress pads usually fit very tightly and nicely on thick mattresses. This is because they usually feature an elastic band skirt. Furthermore, caring for them is easy and they are also washable. With these features, you will surely enjoy many years of convenience and comfort.

No Drawbacks

Top-grade king size mattress pads shouldn’t have any drawbacks. There’s no need to sacrifice quality or price. This is because some top-quality king size mattress pad also come affordable. This is what we call affordable luxury.

Benefits of Weighted Blanket Covers

Below are some of the benefits of weighted blanket cover.

Improves your mood

At times, we feel depressed. It seems something dark has replaced all the happiness in us. This could be caused by changing hormones or an illness. However, whatsoever the cause is, we need to solve the problem before it gets out of hand. One great benefit of the weighted blanket cover is its deep touch pressure. This can help in improving your mood since the weighted blanket cover has stimulated the production of serotonin.

Lower panic attacks

People having panic attacks know well that this problem can come up suddenly. This makes them vulnerable to other symptoms associated to this condition. Fortunately, with weighted blankets, panic attacks can be reduced. This is because it promotes serotonin production.

Improves your sleep quality

People having insomnia or sensory issues usually find it difficult to get a happy night’s rest. According to a study, weighted blanket covers prevented participants from moving during sleep time, which improved their sleep.

Feels like a Hug

Having a close friend or family member hug you feel good. Why is this so? Oxytocin is released by the body. This has been found to reduce blood pressure and create a relaxation feeling. Furthermore, it reduces heart rate. Now, this is the exact feeling you’ll get when you use weighted blankets.


As more research is conducted, we will realize more benefits of weighted blanket covers and king size mattress pads. Before this happens, get yours and be sure to enjoy the benefits we have discussed.

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