Why Mountain Biking Is Better Than Road Biking

No matter if you’re looking for a new hobby or thinking about taking your road biking adventures to the next level, you need to consider mountain biking. This activity comes with many amazing benefits and many people actually think that it’s better than road biking. Why might that be so? Keep on reading to learn more about mountain biking and make your own conclusion.

It’s better for your health

First of all, you’ll be glad to hear that mountain biking is better for your overall health. Biking in nature, away from various CO2-emitting vehicles and facilities, will be well appreciated by your lungs. Other than fresh air, you will also be getting plenty of vitamin D, which is vital for several bodily functions. As it helps with everything from stimulating the production of serotonin to boosting your immune system, don’t overlook the benefits of this vitamin.

You won’t be exposed to the sun all the time

On the other hand, while being exposed to sunlight has its benefits, it can also be quite dangerous, especially if you’re not wearing sunscreen. Biking in nature is a great way to prevent a skin disorder as you will not be exposed to harmful sun rays all the time. There will also be some shaded areas, as opposed to biking in the city where there is hardly any shade.

You will be sheltered from strong winds

In addition to being protected from the sun, being in the hills or woods also means that you will be protected from harsh winds. As there are not many straight stretches of road, you will not be stuck grinding into a strong headwind.

It provides you with a more versatile workout

While both activities can be seen as a great source of exercise, it has to be said that mountain biking is a more versatile workout. For example, road biking mostly improves your cardiovascular fitness while focusing on your lower body. On the other hand, riding off-road is a bigger challenge. You will have to jump, avoid obstacles, and deal with bumpy terrain. All of this will engage various parts of your body and provide you with a whole-body workout.

It’s less monotonous

Going mostly in a straight line on a straight road can get pretty boring after a while. With that in mind, if you’re looking for something a bit more diverse and adventurous, you’ll prefer mountain biking. You can ride through forests, on hills and mountains, and over any other off-road rough terrain that you can find in your area. What is more, you can also travel to some of the best destinations for mountain biking and see the world while having fun with your hobby.

Falls are not as painful

No one plans on falling off of their bike but accidents happen. If you do fall, falling onto a dirt trail will hurt much less than if you were to fall on concrete or gravel. Just a thin layer of lycra will not be enough to prevent scratches and bruises but chances of getting scraped up are much lower when falling onto dirt.

You’ll get an adrenaline rush

Adrenaline junkies will also love mountain biking. If you’re always on the lookout for a hobby that will give you that rush, start looking into mountain bikes and plan your first route. The terrain will be challenging no matter how well you plan, which is where the excitement will kick in. While you will have a sort of a general idea about the trail, not knowing what waits for you might be just what you look for in a hobby.

You can ride even on snow

Another benefit to mountain biking that thrills adventurous people is that mountain bikes can also be used in winter. That’s right, with some easy tweaks, you can even enjoy snowy slopes. While it might not be super easy to adjust a regular road bike, you can just get studded tires for your mountain bike and be on your way.

There are no cars

One advantage to mountain biking is that there are no cars around. Besides the fact that they can be noisy, it’s simply a fact that road biking can be very dangerous as drivers don’t pay a lot of attention to cyclists. By going out into nature, you don’t have to worry about someone zooming past you or clipping you as they open their doors.

You get to enjoy remote places in peace

As there are no noisy vehicles, you will get a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of busy cities and spend some time on your own surrounded by peaceful nature. This is especially great if you are someone who cherishes their solitude and enjoys visiting remote places where you can do some reflecting while also getting a good workout.

You’ll witness some majestic views

Regardless of where you live, you can surely find a trail or two that will show you how beautiful nature is. Reaching a high point will give you some stunning views while being surrounded by trees and wildlife in the woods is also an amazing sight.

You can learn some cool tricks

Once you get a bit more proficient at mountain biking, you can also start learning some cool tricks. For example, as you will have to avoid tree roots and encounter drop-offs, popping a wheelie is something that you will probably become an expert at. You can also use this trick to impress your friends. Another thing that will be satisfying to do on a mountain bike is skid and slide.


It’s more exciting to watch

Lastly, while opinions differ, many people argue that mountain biking is more interesting to watch. Both live and televised mountain biking events include more stunts and interesting landscape than road cycling events, even though the latter are not without drama either.

In case you are looking for a new hobby, mountain biking might be just what you need. From being healthy to helping you get that adrenaline rush to enjoying gorgeous nature, mountain biking has it all.

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