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Why should you pre-plan your funeral?

Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed that 161000+ deaths per year in Australia in the past five years besides the impact of Covid-19. In this, the majority of deaths occur among older people- aged 75 or above; however, premature death numbers are not far behind. After seeing these numbers, it is wise to opt for funeral services in Sydney and plan for your end-of-life arrangements. Because everybody knows death is immortal, but nobody knows when their time on earth ends.

Funerals are the worst times families and close ones can go through. While the sad news of the death of a loved one leaves them mentally stressed and shocked, it also puts a burden on their shoulders to arrange the funeral. This incurs a lot of responsibility and mental strength and adds a lot of unexpected expenses. Why not plan it ahead of time? Whether you are 26 or 62, or however your state of health is, pre-planning your funeral is a wise and financially prudent step. 

This article will further discuss the four reasons you should consider pre-planning your funeral. Continue reading!

It will reduce stress for your family.

When someone close or dear to you passes away, grief often complicates even the simplest things. This is because funerals are to be planned immediately after death, which means family members are instantly propelled to plan a large event and make significant financial decisions while dealing with enormous grief. However, if you have already planned it, it will be easier for your family and friends to execute your wishes. Plus, instead of approaching funeral service providers, they will provide support for each other.  

You can have it your way.

Pre-planning your funeral can give you a chance to say goodbye in the way you want it to say. If you have a specific wish for the nature of your funeral and the deposition of your remains, you can clearly express them in your funeral plan. From religious options to music to your wish regarding cremation, pre-planning allows you to have the final say in what your departure will entail.

Lift the burden of funeral expenses from your family

Planning a funeral is no less expensive. There are a lot of items that cost a significant amount of money. And when you are grieving and rushing to plan a funeral, it often leads to spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary costs. However, if you choose to plan, you can take your time to compare the prices of various funeral homes. Doing this will help you save a lot of money, and over that, you will be able to lift the burden of paying the bill from the heads of your family members. Plus, you will save your family from dealing with unexpected rising costs.

You will empower your family.

When you pass away, your family will work their hardest to honour you at your funeral. But when you have already pre-planned it, you have taken all of the guesswork out of planning your funeral. The members of your family will know what needs to be done. Pre-arranging your funeral services in Sydney would benefit everyone- you know your wishes are carried out, and your loved one knows how to honour you.

Dying is one of the events in life that is certain to occur, so it is always better to pre-plan your funeral if not for your peace of mind than for the sake of those you will leave behind. Furthermore, taking care of your funeral arrangements is comforting to ensure you have done all you can to ease your family’s burden. 

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