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Why St. Albert is a Great Place to Start a Family

Northwest of Edmonton is the city of St. Albert in Alberta. It is a stunning, snow-covered village with lush vegetation, parks, and pathways. The St. Albert community is well renowned for being a fantastic area to establish and raise a family because of its amenities and surroundings. You should seriously consider relocating to St. Albert if you’re seeking for a place to raise a family or simply want to experience a sense of community away from the clamor of a big city.

One of the top cities in Canada to live in, St. Albert constantly receives excellent rankings. It was named the best community in Alberta to live in by Maclean’s in 2019. Family-friendly St. Albert is an excellent spot to settle down and establish a family. The area is close enough to Edmonton to provide all the advantages and conveniences without any of the drawbacks of living there, and it offers a tranquil, family-friendly ambiance. Find out why starting a family in St. Albert is a great idea by reading on.

Outdoor Fun

For those who don’t like the cold, St. Albert’s weather can be a real downer, but for those who don’t, it can be a lot of fun. In addition, it only takes three to four hours to go from St. Albert to Jasper, Alberta, and four to five hours to get to Banff, where you can enjoy some of the best skiing in the world. You can take part in a ton of community programs and enjoy the parks, playgrounds, trails, and other amenities. In addition, there is a very well-liked farmer’s market that thrives from June to October and draws tourists from all around the area.

Great Healthcare

The Sturgeon Community Hospital in St. Albert is a fully functional hospital with an emergency room, intensive care unit, coronary care unit, and other specialist facilities. You may get a wide variety of medical services thanks to one of the greatest healthcare systems in the country in St. Albert. The Alberta Health Services, which provides healthcare to nearly 4 million people in Alberta as well as some people in Saskatchewan and other Northern Territories, is the first completely integrated healthcare system in Canada.


Even though St Albert real estate is on the high side compared to the rest of Canada, it is still a reasonably priced city to live in. The average property price in Canada is $600,000, whereas in St. Albert it is $400,000 This area is often affordable because the cost of living is likewise quite consistent. St. Albert’s people do not frequently see abrupt increases in the cost of their essentials, which helps to explain why it is generally affordable.

Great Schools

A fantastic educational system that benefits the entire community is in place in St. Albert. Three of their school systems offer fantastic programming and educational possibilities. Francophone studies, French immersion, the International Baccalaureate, Cogito, technological programs, and apprenticeship programs are a few of these educational initiatives. In addition to nondenominational educational systems, there are also Catholic and Protestant school systems. The programs are terrific, the schools are outstanding, and the programs are both amazing and instructive.

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