As we all know, the IPL season is going on. In this Indian premier league, people have been showing their interest in this league for several years. Different city people support their favorite city team, even they wear their particular favorite team jersey and support them while watching the match. But this support of IPL has taken a turn and people are getting engaged while playing IPL fantasy cricket on their mobile. The official platform is named IPL official Fantasy league. In this platform, the version can make t teams and play online. By doing this, they can also earn money and points which can be used to buy many other rewards. People not only get fun while playing this game but also get many benefits from it. It is a good platform for those who are interested in playing games and earning money out of them. These cricket playings are created for the person so that they can play and form their teams, decide the players and play the game with the team.  It is a good platform for those who want to play online games related to cricket and love IPL. It is like participating in the IPL but in a virtual way. 

Here are some benefits of IPL fantasy cricket:

  1. Play in their leisure time – Nowadays, people have become busy with their daily work. Sometimes, it becomes slow for them to do the work regularly in a routine way. To get out of that daily routine, they can go for fantasy cricket games. That can help them to get out of their routine zone and get some fun out of their zone. Some people also have some desires of playing cricket, but they do not get a chance to do that because of their daily work. These platforms help them to fulfill their Desire of playing the particular game and get some money out of it. This helps the person to keep engaging in this game and they are fun so they love to play. Complete all of their wishes which were lacking before as they were busy in their daily work. We can play this game anytime whenever they are free because they are online and virtual. 
  2. Increase your skills – These virtual platforms not only help people to play games in their leisure time and have fun but also increases their skills. In these games, people have to make a team and need to play games as a team. This helps the person to increase skills-based on making strategies for the team to play well. They can also increase their leadership skills by making themselves captains and setting goals about what the water team should do for playing well and performing well. They also get a sharp memory while playing the game as they need strategies to make and a person has to keep an eye on everything while playing the game so the brain has to be active every time. With this, he can also learn about teamwork. 
  3. Make new connections – These virtual games also help the person to get to know new people from different areas. This helps the person to make new connections and friends online. People can meet many different fans who are crazy about cricket and have endless love for playing cricket in a virtual form. They can search for like-minded people and make their team of their choice if people are coming again and again and playing with each other. Will not only have the person to make new connections but also increase the communication skill by communicating with different people from different regions. 
  4. It is fun – These fantasy games are way more different than these virtual games. People can enjoy playing these games because of their love for cricket especially for IPL and right now as the season is going on people are more engaged in playing these online games to fulfill their desire of playing the game in real life which they cannot do in their busy schedule. These games are fun, while playing these people can also get the benefit of earning money out of them. This is the most engaging thing about these games that people are very engaged by this game because this not only provides them fun but also helped them to earn points out of it. 
  5. Grow financially – These games are available online and people can grow financially while playing these games. But people should assure that they play these games in their free time and not get too addicted to them. People get addicted to it while playing these games. But they should assure that they should play these games to complete their happiness and fun. People can play side by side and earn money out of it. They can get this moment by playing different types of fantasy related to cricket. It is fun and they can earn money through the points earned by the games. 

From the points mentioned above, we can say that nowadays covid-19 time is going on and people are avoiding been contact with different people while playing any game these virtual games help them to complete their desire of playing any kind of game, especially cricket. Games not only give the person a chance to increase his fun in his boring life but also increase his skills in many ways. People just go for the IPL game earn money option if they want to play several games related to cricket. IPL is immense and fans are crazy about seeing their favorite player playing in the IPL they are doing that thing in an online platform by forming their team this is the best thing they can get in an online platform so they should play these virtual games and these virtual games should be encouraged. But this platform and games can be engaging and people can get addicted to it so, they have to take care of that to play this game as a leisure time and not to addicted to it.

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