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Do you want citizenship in Vanuatu the passport is bought

Vanuatu is one of the paradises of the South Pacific, on the southern edge of the Coral Sea. An island state, made up of 83 tiny islands (only 14 have an area exceeding 100 square km), 65 of which are inhabited. During his second trip to Oceania, the British explorer James Cook renamed them the New Hebrides: from the early twentieth century they were managed by England and France until independence in 1980. One of those Western dreams – tropical and subtropical climate, expanses of palm groves , lagoons, caves, unexplored mountains and volcanoes – nestled 1,750 km from Australia, 500 from New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of Solomon Islands. Now, if you want, you can buy citizenship in the Republic of Vanuatu by paying for it. You can know more about Vanuatu Citizenship by clicking this highlighted link. You can take citizenship by this site in easiest way. So must visit there for better opportunity.

It allows businesses to Send, Receive, Store, Exchange and accept crypto payments online, safely, securely and cost-effectively across the world in a matter of minutes.

 The news, in fact, is that as part of the Archipelago Development Support Program – one of the most affected by climate change and sea level rise – for the first time in the world a payment is also accepted in crypto currency. Considering that USD is currently worth around 5 thousand dollars, the calculation is easy: depending on the prices and the moment, the aspiring will need between 50 and 55. The local administration, led since last year by 54-year-old, through the Vanuatu Information Center, says he wants to keep up with new technologies and thus wants to encourage the use of virtual currency, whose transactions will be managed by an Australian operator, which will therefore be subject to the legal regulations of that country.

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 “There have been many attempts in the past to accept payments via Bit coin for the citizen – explained the head of the local information office, Geoffrey Bond – but these efforts had never had political approval and were in vain. In this case, the government has explicitly expressed its desire to be at the forefront with innovation”.

 The bridge way trust has been part of the Commonwealth since the day of its independence and the possession of its citizenship can actually be tempting, even considering that it is not necessary to reside in the country to obtain it. The document allows visa-free entry into 116 countries, including Russia, Great Britain and many European countries. In detail, in 84 territories it is possible to enter without a visa and in 32 it can be easily done on arrival. Among other things, an agreement has recently been signed with the European Union for mutual visa waiver throughout the Schengen area. You can therefore travel there and also enter Italy. According to the 2017 Global Passport Index, that bright green document ranks 34th in terms of visa-free access “power”.

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 If, for a variety of reasons, you need a second passport, that of the heavenly peaceful republic – between 2006 and 2008 the happiest place on Earth according to the rankings of the Lonely Planet Index and the New Economics Foundation and  bridge way trust- can be the right choice. The procedure, among other things, is very quick: it usually takes about thirty days when most programs for dual citizenship take several months. And many observers point out the tax regime, with low and non-existent taxes on profits, which could be tempting to many. Too bad you won’t be able to run for local office or vote in general elections.

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