Car Engine Oil Best Brands and Buying Guide

Considering the range and variety of engine oils available in the market, it can get quite tricky and confusing to choose an oil most compatible for your engine. Here is a guide for finding the best car engine oil to maximum engine protection and performance.

Best car engine oil brands in India

Luckily, there are a lot of brands in India that provide dependable quality engine oils for cars.
Here are some brands for the best car engine oil:

  • Shell
  • Gulfstar
  • Gulf
  • Bosch
  • Motul
  • Castrol
  • Mobil1

Things to consider when choosing the car engine oil

Engine oils clean, cool, and protect the engine. For the engine to work at its best performance, it is essential that it is poured with the best engine oil. These are a few things you must consider when choosing the best car engine oil:

Car type and age
As the engine technology evolves, so does the engine oil formulation. Advanced engine oils are designed to meet the changing engine engineering demands. Also, high
performance cars require different engine oil than regular passenger cars.

Driving environment
The Indian weather and road conditions can be very harsh on your car’s engine. Neither you, nor your engine likes start-stop driving.

Oil viscosity
Viscosity of an engine oil the oil’s ability to flow. Oil has a tendency to get thin at hot temperatures and become thick at cold temperatures. Hence, oils with higher viscosity
are thicker and more suitable for hotter climates. Similarly, oils with lower viscosity suit colder climates.

Mineral vs. synthetic oil

Engine oils are 80% base oil and 20% additives. The type of base oil used determines if the engine oil is mineral or synthetic. Here are the different types of engine oils available
in the market:
○ Mineral engine oil
Mineral oil is crude oil that has been extracted from the ground and refined in the factory. It comes with certain additives to clean and protect the engine against corrosion, and wear and tear. It is the most economical engine oil out of all the car engine oil types. However, it doesn’t last as long as the other ones.

○ Fully synthetic engine oil
Fully synthetic car engine oils are completely manufactured in the controlled environment of a laboratory. Unlike mineral oils, the oil molecules of synthetic oils are equal sized, and hence they form an even and consistent cushioning layer on the engine body. However, fully synthetic engine oils are slightly on the costlier side.

○ Semi-synthetic engine oil
Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of fully-synthetic and mineral engine oil. It comes with the benefits of both- it is almost as economical as mineral oil and provides benefits similar to those of fully synthetic oil.

○ High mileage engine oil
This is an entirely different category of engine oils that are especially curated for older vehicles or vehicles that have travelled more than 1,20,000 kilometers. This oil comes with seal conditioning additives that protect the engine seal.

Oil additives

The additives of a good-quality car engine oil play a crucial and inevitable role in enhancing the oil’s ability to protect the engine. High temperatures of the engine combine with moisture, oxygen, rust, corrosion, engine wear particles, and byproducts of combustion to form harmful substances like sludge and varnish. Different oil additives like antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear agents, detergents, and dispersants work to clean and remove sludge and varnish on the engine body while also preventing future build-up of these substances.


So here was the guide for buying the best engine oil for your car. Remember to always refer to your manufacturer’s user’s guide to know exactly what engine oil is most compatible with your car model. If you are looking for premium engine oils then you must visit this amazing car accessory store, Carorbis.com, that hosts a wholesome collection of high-quality car accessories and parts from the most popular global brands.

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