CBD legislation in Europe

In recent years, countless people have been using CBD for its many health benefits. Moreover, people can consume it in oil form to take advantage of its virtues. Although CBD is a natural substance, it is not the same as cannabis. As a result, over-consumption of CBD is not dangerous but in fact, has many health benefits. For its many benefits, you can try to use a natural CBD oil. Due to its health application, European countries have decided to regulate its use and consumption. Find out more about European CBD law in this article.

Classification of CBD

According to the European Commission, CBD is a novel food. Novel foods are defined as all that was not consumed significantly in the European Union before 15 May 1997. Before this date, however, enriched CBD was the only food classified in this category. But after that date, all components of hemp were classified as novel foods. And with the advent of cannabis sativa L, only products made from the seeds of this plant are considered to be foods. As far as flowers are concerned, the Commission has not taken a decision.

European law on CBD oil

Years ago, the European Commission classified CBD as a food not authorised for consumption. It has been reviewing its position on the subject for some time now. In fact, years ago, the European Commission changed its assessment of CBD oil. It has since decided that CBD oil is not a narcotic, thanks to a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union. But CBD oil is not the only novel food affected by this change. All CBD products are legal and will be able to circulate freely between EU Member States. As a result, according to European legislation, CBD flowers can be considered food and classified in the list of novel foods. As such, its sale is not prohibited. CBD is a food that can be marketed and consumed. However, the Commission considers the THC content at 0.2% high. Consumption of this product could therefore present health risks.

European law on the therapeutic use of CBD and CBD-derived products

In several countries around the world, the use of CBD for therapeutic purposes is authorised. Similarly, in 20 countries of the European Union, it is legal to use CBD-derived products to treat oneself. This is the case in France, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Finland. In general, these products are used to treat illnesses. However, the rules governing the use of these products for medicinal therapy are different in all EU countries. You will therefore need to find out more.

European legislation on CBD cultivation

The European Union authorises hemp cultivation with a THC content of less than 0.3%. However, this authorisation only applies to active farmers who comply with EU regulations. However, it is important to stress that each country has its own rules on this subject. France, for example, only allows hemp to be grown by authorised farmers using certified seeds.

Find out about the origin and production method of the CBD hemp used

The first question to ask yourself before buying any CBD product is where and how the hemp used to make it comes from. It is widely agreed that hemp grown in Europe is preferable, as it is well adapted to temperate climates. As a result, it’s easier to obtain cannabidiol extracted from hemp grown in Europe. It is normally easy to trace if it comes from another European country. Be especially wary of brands that do not clearly provide this information.

In addition, choose cannabidiol extracted from organically-grown hemp. This will allow you to benefit fully from the advantages of CBD. You’ll also avoid ingesting synthetic pesticide residues and other pollutants from conventional farming.

However, some sellers of CBD products are encountering difficulties in obtaining the organic label. For example, very recently, the French government banned a number of organisations from issuing organic certifications for CBD products. So don’t hesitate to check with the seller before buying your CBD.

Where can I buy CBD?

It is perfectly possible to buy CBD in Europe now! However, you need to go through a seller who scrupulously complies with the legislation. This is the case, for example, with JustBob, an excellent online shop specialising in the sale of CBD.

On the best online CBD stores, you’ll find absolutely every type of CBD product imaginable. Flowers, resins, oils, crystals, infusions and even e-liquids, wellness products, food and other products, even for animals. You’ll find everything you need there, while always being sure to comply with the law. Moreover, the products on sale have been selected for their quality, and the prices offered are always affordable. Most of the products sold are made in Europe, using organic farming methods.

Online payments are secure, and deliveries are made quickly and discreetly. There are also physical shops in several towns and cities. If you’d like to keep up to date with developments in CBD legislation, be sure to visit the blogs regularly.

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