Everything you need to know about decra tiles for roofing

Decra has become a popular material for roofing and it’s preferred mostly by individuals because it is made of stone-coated metal and does not need extra materials to soundproof it.  These roofing materials can retain their color and beauty despite being exposed to harsh weather conditions like the sun, snow, and heavy rains.

For more than a century now, metal roofs have been able to denominate the sector of industries. This has benefited industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories, and mills due to the durability that can only be provided by metal roofing.

Roofing made from decra comes in small panels and rectangles in shape. These panels are constructed from steel and then stamped in different styles. Panels that are metal are covered with small stones to give your roof a stone-coated look.

Decra tiles give your roof a value that has a long lifespan

The lifespan of decra is three times long-lasting compared to traditional materials for roofing such as wood and asphalt. Decra roofing systems made of metal have other benefits such as;

It qualifies for insurance discounts in some countries, they minimize the cooling costs in a house, therefore, saving energy and contributing to property value addition by a significant percentage.

Decra roofing is friendly to the environment and its very sustainable

25% to 30% of materials that are recycled from the manufacturing industries are use to manufacture the decra roofing tiles. These products are also recyclable and they are so light that sometimes you can install them over an existing roof. They also do not depend on raw materials from petroleum-based like asphalt shingles, this makes decra an environmentally friendly product.

Decra tiles are light compared to some other roofing materials

These roofing materials are so light therefore they have a few advantages such as; they can give an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and this provides additional reinforcement on the roof which comes in handy in case of an earthquake or a hurricane in areas prone to such calamities.

It eliminates the cost of remodeling in case of a tear-off which can be costly. This is because decra is long-lasting and does not tear off that easily. Decra also does not need additional reinforcements to support the weight of the roof.

Decra has the top fire protection ratings

All products made from decra have the highest ratings in protection against fire. This means that these roofing materials are effective against a severe fire incident. They can also prevent fire from penetrating thought, therefore, containing fire from spreading.

They have an excellent flames resistant potential without chemical treatment or additional underlying materials for roofing.

Decra roofing is best for protection from strong winds and hails

This roofing material can withstand hailstones with a diameter of three inches without damaging the roof. Also, this product has a unique panel system that is interlocked to keep the multi-layered panel firm and help it not to shift in case of hurricane-force winds.


Roofing tiles made from decra is not only durable but is also easy to maintain. It is resistant to rust and gives your house an appeal that is elegant and not to forget that it adds value to your house immensely. Last but not least, this roofing system is friendly to the environment and the water collected from this roof is safe to drink.

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