Five ways to boost your fundraising using QR codes for donation

It is challenging to maximize donations today. People are still cautioned to stay home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary contact to be safe.

But there is still a way for you to reach your fundraising goals amid the social distancing protocols. Here’s the answer: QR codes.

If you run a nonprofit organization, using a reliable QR code generator online and displaying your QR code is one of the best ways to encourage donations.

Below are five ways to use QR codes to boost your donation drive:

  1. Display QR codes on affiliate websites

Partnerships with businesses are a common way for nonprofits to reach their goals. Working with other organizations and businesses is also key to securing a successful donation drive.

You can display a URL QR code for donation on your partner merchant’s website to promote your donation causes.

With this, more people will get to see your QR code. This then raises awareness of your fundraiser, increasing the potential of people who will donate.

  1. Directs users to their PayPal account

People can send donations quickly, and the person giving the money doesn’t have to enter their credit card information.

Those who scan your QR code donation drive is taken to your PayPal donation page. They can then use their login information to confirm their gift.

You can enter any number you want instead of handing over real money, where you are limited by how much and what kind of bills you have on hand.

Using QR codes gives people a touchless and contactless way to donate. There is no risk because the charity can be relied upon as the only recipient.

  1. Easily share photos for on-site visitors

Sharing photos of successful events and campaigns on social media is excellent, but also remember to spread the word in the offline world.

This is easy to do with the help of image gallery QR codes, which people can scan to see your latest project images.

Tabletop counters, brochures, and storefront windows are all prime locations for displaying QR codes to guests and passing customers.

  1. Lead users to your donation page

You can print QR codes on posters, flyers, and billboards to increase the visibility and awareness of your campaign. More people will be able to contribute to your fundraiser.

Making a QR code is easy if you already have a website. You can simply copy and paste the URL and paste it onto the QR code generator.

In addition, a QR code that leads to a website provides the donor with access to more information about your nonprofit.

  1. Include on merchandise

It may be more challenging for nonprofits to get donations now, so they can innovate by putting QR codes on the things they give away or sell.

Let’s say your organization sells shirts. The sleeve would be a great place to print a social media QR code so that it stands out but doesn’t get in the way.

A social media QR code lets users subscribe or follow you on different social sites. Once they connect with your page, you can encourage them to donate and support your organization.

Use QR codes for seamless and contactless donations

Using QR codes for fundraisers provides convenience and ease to people who wish to donate. It will help fuel the growth you want to happen for your organization.

Make it easy for potential donors to get in touch with you. Create QR codes using the best QR code generator QRTIGER  and boost your fundraisers today.

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