Health diseases: skin disorder for men and women

Health is an important part of a lifetime. Health includes the state of body, mind, or spirit. The official definition is defined by the World Health Organization, a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Good health is very useful for all. It’s a sign of physical and mental wellness. For a good health we need to eat lightly, breathe deeply, cheerfulness, happiness with an interesting life.

Good health makes our life stressless. gives an active life to live longer. To live a happy life we need to know about this importance.  

But many people aren’t aware of their health. As a result, they are suffering from various kind of diseases skin disorder is one of them.

Skin Disorder

Skin Disorder which defines that something unusual with your skin like redness, swelling, burning, itching, allergies, irritants, your genetic makeup, and certain diseases and immune system problems can cause rashes, hives, and other skin conditions. They can be temporary or permanent and may be painless or painful.

Generally, the causes of skin disorders are bacteria, fungus, parasites, or microorganisms living on the skin. In exceptional cases some may be genetic, some conditions are minor or can be life-threatening.

There are various types of skin disorders like acne, cold sore, blister, hives, actinic keratosis, rosacea, carbuncle, latex allergy,  eczema, psoriasis, cellulitis, measles, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, wart, etc. Nowadays both men and women are also infected by the skin disorder.

  • Female issues

Female health issues and conditions are different from males. They experienced a unique health issue during their pregnancy and menopause. Some issues are gynecological health and disorders, pregnancy issues, disorders related to infertility, other disorders, and conditions. Women are suffering from birth defects, breastfeeding, pregnancy loss, premature birth, pelvic floor disorder, menstruation, etc. Some issues are also related to women’s health and wellness which make violence against women and their disabilities.

  • Male issues

As usual, we can see that males can not take care of their skin as much as females can. They are not aware of this. The skin problem affected them when they are adults. Many types of rashes, allergies can affect their face. Ultraviolet ray from the sun is harmful to their skin. This causes cancer. But adults have a long history of sun exposure. 

There are various types of skin disorders. They are abscess, acne, actinic cheilitis, allergy, angular cheilitis, basal cell carcinoma, common wart, cold sores, chapped lips, drug eruption, athlete’s foot etc.

The skin problem is a great problem for all. There are many people who creates differences between gender. But, there are no gender differences in medicine. Male are generally affected with infectious diseases and females are affected by various kinds of issues because of skin structure and physiology but both are suffering from skin disorders. 

So, you should take medical checkup and also some steps. If you need to stop this problem you need a skin treatment called sclerotherapy which is an injection that makes the vein collapse and scar tissue will vanish in time. There are also some treatments like a plastic surgeon, laser treatment, chemical peels, dermabrasion. You should use creams that contain caffeine or cortisone. You should also clean your skin regularly, keep away your skin from ultraviolet rays and stay away from dust. Always ask your doctor if a problem due to allergies. Home remedies are also useful for our skin because there are no side effects. By applying you will prevent this disease. Awareness is very important for this and the help of doctors is very needed.

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