How MIUI ROM Is Better Is Stock Android

As an in-your-face Stock Android fan, I used to disdain Custom ROMS like Xioami’s MIUI, yet as of late, I’ve changed my evaluation. The matter is beginning in 2021. The MIUI is tantamount to Stock Android, assuming more terrible. One of the highlights that MIUI has and which is absent in stock android is checking the battery wellbeing. So assuming you need to discover How to check battery wellbeing in Xiaomi Android MIUI 11,12 telephones, you can check the connection.

I’ve to use Stock Android on Moto E/G, Nexus 5/6, and Pixel. Moreover, I’m utilizing Xiaomi Note 10 expert max for late months, which runs on Xiaomi’s custom ROM, otherwise called MIUI. Subsequently, in this article, I’ll ponder the features of Stock Android versus MIUI. We should begin.

Where MIUI is better than Stock Android


MIUI, of course, has a serious subject store where you can get skins for Samsung, iPhone and Pixel, etc without changing your launcher. Likewise, it isn’t not difficult to pass on the look and feel, yet furthermore the ringtones and literary styles. Be that as it may, the most shocking part of the subject would be interlinking customization. All parts of the subject can be mixed and composed from a couple of Themes. For example, I can pick the lock style of note10 expert max and keep the status bar for the Pixel. It’s fun occasions.

Twofold Apps

You can introduce mod apk and games on android. This makes android more fun. I’ve two Audible records with different book chronicles variety, and I like to focus on all of them without actually logging out of records as a matter of course. On MIUI, you can find a Dual Apps elective under Settings, which permits you to run two variation of any applications. Moreover, it’s hard for Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung furthermore have a nearby twofold mode, so it’s no better time than right now that Stock Android should have it also.

Call Recording

One of my top picks remembers for MIUI would be neighborhood call recording. The sound quality is truly worthy, appeared differently in relation to outcast call recorder applications. Despite the fact that it would have been superb in case there was an option to thusly record all get MIUI without crushing a catch each time.

Another overlooked component of Xiaomi is Wi-Fi secret phrase word sharing. Say a friend came over and demand your home’s Wi-Fi. In case you have a phone running Stock Android, you either uncover the secret key expression (could be perilous) or type it yourself into their phone (which is depleting).

QR Code Apps To Share Wi-Fi Password From One Phone to Another

On a Xiaomi contraption, you and simply tap on the Wi-Fi name, and it’ll make a QR code. Basically demand that your partner check it with their contraption camera application, and they are related. Most devices these days have a QR code scanner worked in the device’s camera, including iPhones. Indeed, even iPhone permits you to share a Wi-Fi secret key over the air. It’s no better time than right now that stock Android should have it too.

Looking over screen catch support

In the event that I need to send a WhatsApp conversation or Instagram feed, use the three-finger swipe and tap on scroll decision to create a long screen catch. In fact, if you are sending it over WhatsApp, you need to send it’s everything except an archive as opposed to an image, or it’ll pack the inferno out of it. Nonetheless, that isn’t the point. I was unable to envision anything better than to see investigating screen catch feature on stock Android.

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