How to improve your cube solving time

Hands down! Rubik’s cube has remained one of the best selling toys of all time, and there are definitely a variety of reasons behind such a great success. 

Rubik’s cube was developed by Erno Rubik in 1974 with the intention of providing an insight into the world of multi-dimensional figures in the area, to his students of architecture, but interestingly, the cube turned out to be more than just an educational model and became a sensational toy that still has a vibrant echo in the world of toys till date.

Many of us would agree that the Rubik’s cube is not just a toy but way more than that, and it would be incorrect to describe it as a toy given the various benefits and exciting features that it comes with. 

A Rubik’s cube is said to possess benefits that are extremely helpful in a child’s growth and also for people of any age group. It helps in improving cognitive abilities and also improves the reflexes of our fingers. Moreover, it helps in improving memory and works on the betterment of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Apart from these great benefits, Rubik’s cube is also said to tackle minor anxieties, and also helps in easing overthinking and stressing issues. 

Now that we have learnt a bit about the amazing Rubik’s cube, let’s understand how you can improve on your speed and solve the Rubik’s cube in seconds. 

Also, the sport of solving a cube quickly is called speedcubing, and several tournaments are held time and again for this amazing and exciting sport. 

So, without any further ado, let’s start with the ways you can improve your cube solving time.


Practice is the only way to improve your cubing time. There’s no way to avoid it. Shortening your solution time takes practice. However, the following tips will make the practice much more effective. Without them, practising may not get you that far. Remember, most of these tips take a little practice to show your success.


Cubing time depends on two things: you and the cube. Let’s focus on the other one – a hard spinning cube that gets stuck all the time will dramatically increase your resolution time. In addition, a high-quality cube makes practice much more effective and fun and makes tricks such as finger tricks much easier and more effective. Read my: Best Speedcubes Guide, where I talk about the best cubes on the market, what to look for in a cube, and which cubes world record holders use.


Practice until you can run the algorithms without thinking about their notation. To do this, run an algorithm a few times, after a while, you will only be able to run it with your “hand memory”  without having to worry about its notation. Your cubing time will be drastically reduced.


It is important to keep a note of the strategy and always keep re-strategizing with every step. Moreover, improving on problem-solving skills will drastically help in reducing the solving time, as not every move brings an expected result, thus quick thinking, a positive mindset, and good problem-solving skills can go a long way in reducing the cube timing. 


This tip is intended to reduce your cubing time. This is accomplished with finger tricks. Finger tricks mean performing a single movement (rotation) with a single finger rather than the entire hand. The simplest finger trick is to make a U or U` with your left/right index finger. Most finger tricks will come on their own as you practice, but being aware of them shortens the process. However, there are some finger tricks that are not self-evident and require some practice to implement in your solution. All faces can be rotated with a flick of the finger, but this sometimes requires changing the grip of the Rubik’s cube in the hand. Implementing tricks with your fingers will greatly reduce the execution time.

With these amazing tips and ways, you can practice and reduce your cubing time drastically, making yourself solve a Rubik’s cube at a faster speed and more rapidly, without losing the precision. 

Also, as noted above, it is highly necessary to get a good quality cube for reducing the time, so if you are looking for a store to provide you with premium quality cubes along with amazing cubing accessories, then Cubelelo is where you should go. 

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So, don’t wait for any further and get started with your cubing journey.

Happy Cubing!

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