How to Preserve the Quality of CBD Oil Tincture

Herbal extracts have been popular for millennia as highly effective natural remedies. Those based on CBD were the most popular way to consume hemp derivatives, mostly due to their fast action and easy dosing. Even today, this trend is returning, and tinctures are becoming very popular among CBD users.

Most of these goods in the United States are made with hemp from domestic breeding. The 2018 Farm Bill has made it legal to grow this plant with 0.3 percent THC. That’s good to know so you can find the best hemp product for your needs. Check more tips on purchasing these goods here.

CBD tinctures are extracted with solvents like alcohol or carrier hemp oil for dogs. These allow the product to be absorbed through the digestive tract and mouth tissue fast. Also, these matters act like preservatives, making these extracts quite stable and potent for a long time. But you must follow some simple storage rules for these hemp goods to preserve their quality.

Check Product Shelf Life

As with any commercial CBD supplement, hemp extracts must have expiration dates. Although the shelf life of these goods is unlimited, manufacturers must mark product labels with this detail. It’s usually two years, but hemp extracts won’t spoil after that, especially if you’ve stored them properly.

CBD goods have more or less the same storage requirements. But it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid wasting the tincture. Keeping hemp extracts as directed allows them to retain their full potency and healing properties for a long time.

No Heat and Light Exposure

A CBD tincture is a highly concentrated herbal extract. But due to the lack of artificial ingredients, these extracts are prone to spoiling and losing their potency when exposed to external factors like light, heat, and air. So, the original product packaging is darkened to prevent light and heat penetration. Here you can also know, how to properly dry your marijuana

Most people like to keep their CBD tinctures in the kitchen or bathroom. Cooking and showering can raise the temperatures in these rooms and cause unfavorable micro-climate changes. That can speed up cannabidiol degradation and lower the product’s potency. Plus, if you have poor ventilation in these rooms, CBD tincture may come in contact with mold spores that may appear in the air. That will spoil the content, too.

So after purchasing a CBD tincture, make sure to store it in a dark, cool place with a stable temperature and humidity. While it will last for years when properly stored, this extract will lose its potency if exposed to light and temperature changes. So the perfect spots are enclosed cabinets, pantries, and shelves in rooms with stable temperatures.

Below, find the explanation of when cannabidiol loses its potency: 

No Freezing

It’s important to remember that hemp extracts shouldn’t be frozen. Lower temperatures above zero will thicken the tincture a bit, but they won’t freeze it. So this product can be kept in a fridge for a while, especially when the outside temperatures are unstable or too high. That’s more than enough to keep this extract working for you.

Preserve Original Package 


A CBD tincture is a liquid product that usually contains a high amount of cannabidiol. Most brands pack them in opaque glass containers and bottles with droppers. So you have to keep it in its original packaging whenever it’s possible.

In case the packaging is damaged, premature deterioration of CBD can occur. So it’s best to pour the tincture into a tinted glass container or bottle that has a tight-fit closure. That will allow minimal air penetration into the contents and preserve its quality.

Tincture Benefits

The most significant benefit of using CBD tincture is easy absorption. The body doesn’t have to process the ingredients, like in edibles, and wait for their delayed action. 0These extracts have a high bioavailability, a benefit that makes them a great choice for those experiencing joint pain and many other health issues like swollen or stiff joints, upset stomach, sleep disturbance, etc. That’s good to know so you can find the best hemp product for your needs at “weed delivery Edmonton

Another great benefit of CBD tincture is its calming effect. You can take it during the day, or you can take it before bedtime. You should remember to take it with a high-fat snack to maximize its absorption rate. You should always consult with your doctor before using this hemp extract, as there are a number of potential side effects to avoid. When you use CBD tincture, make sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

Brief Purchase Tips

When choosing a CBD tincture, always look for high-quality ones from reputable organizations and brands. Fake or cheap goods often lack potency and can pose a risk to your health. Besides alcohol, these products may contain added ingredients to enhance their flavors, but these must be natural aromas, too. 

A great tip to check these details is to always read product labels and look for the Certificate of Analysis. It identifies the product purity and the amount of CBD and other hemp compounds in it. If a tincture doesn’t come with this label, you’re better off staying away from it. 

CBD tinctures have a longer shelf life than most other hemp goods. Because they contain higher amounts of cannabidiol and natural preservatives (alcohols), they can last a long time. But if not stored properly, the active ingredient in these goods can degrade quickly. Following these simple tips will increase the product’s shelf life and allow you to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

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