HP 24-dd0010 All-in-One Review 2021

When we reviewed the HP 22 All-in-One last year, we declared it one among the simplest AIO PCs for many folks , for whom the Apple iMac is out of reach. If a 22-inch model is for all folks , then the 24-inch HP 24-dd0010 is that the all-in-one PC for all folks . This entry-level all-in-one offers an equivalent lean price and a much bigger display than its 22-inch kin.

The low price is reflected on the spec sheet, though. You get an underpowered mobile-grade AMD Athlon processor and 8GB of RAM behind its 23.8-inch display. Its low-end offering makes the HP 24-dd0010 a far better choice for consuming media than creating or editing it, but this mid-size all-in-one boasts a beautiful , modern design that leverages its very entry-level status.

For all its worth, this HP 24-inch AIO PC may be a useful as a second PC, a kitchen station or a faculty companion for a younger student.

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The HP 24-dd0010 sticks to the cloud-white colour scheme used on the Pavilion 22 All-in-One, but it’s not simply a much bigger replica. This 22-inch model doesn’t have the diamond-shaped pattern across the speaker bar, right below the display, and therefore the stands aren’t identical. Thankfully, the HP 24-dd0010 sports an equivalent slim bezels as its cheaper sibling.

For the stand, this AIO shelves an oblong base and straightforward neck of the Pavilion 24, and opts for a wire-frame stand that touches down in four corners, covering a rectangle that’s 14.2 inches wide by 8 inches deep.

That’s an enormous footprint for a 24-inch all-in-one’ only that the stand doesn’t provide much room to stow the keyboard under display when not getting used . Bundled into the package are a wired mouse and keyboard, but a wireless keyboard and mouse combo would be better.


At the rear of the screen, you’ll find two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and HDMI port, headphone and Ethernet jacks. All of those USB ports are Type-A variety, which suggests you’ll need an adapter to attach any of your USB-C devices. Hidden behind the display may be a pop-up webcam that you’ll use for zoom meetings, despite the low-quality res.


At the middle of the HP 24 AIO may be a 23.8-inch display with a full HD (1920 x 1080-pixel) resolution. The display isn’t the brightest around (rated for less than 250 nits at max brightness) and its viewing angles are fairly narrow. For watching movies, Netflix or YouTube, the display is quite adequate, with crisp, fairly accurate colors, and decent contrast.

Overall, the screen looks great until you’re seated closer and viewing text that you simply begin to ascertain the individual pixels on the display. The screen-door effect is more pronounced on a 24-27-inch 1080p display that it might get on a smaller 22-inch screen. For a 27-inch display and up, I’d search for a 2K or a 4K resolution – maybe something just like the 27-inch HP Pavilion 27-d0072, but 1080p remains fine.


Under the hood, the HP 24-dd0010 packs a low-end mobile CPU with decent 8GB of RAM. The processor is that the AMD Athlon Silver 3050U, may be a dual-core chip that runs at a base frequency of two .3Ghz and maxes at 3.2GHz. This chip doesn’t support multi-threading, so two threads on two cores is all you’ll squeeze out of the HP 24-dd0010 All-in-One PC. For storage, there’s 256GB SSD, which may be a good selection because it makes booting fast.

Most laptops and PCs offer more capable quad-core CPUs, some with eight processor threads, and 16GB (8GB at minimum). At rock bottom of the all-in-one chain, you’ve got to try to to with fewer cores and therefore the bare minimum of RAM. Still, the HP 24 stands out as a capable daily-use machine for surfing the online , processing documents and watching movies.

The Bottom Line

Well, obviously the HP 24-dd0010 is for somebody with a decent budget. But aside from fitting just a cash-strapped buyer, the HP 24 may be a pick for somebody trying to find a cheap all-in-one as a second or third system within the home.

While the HP 24-dd0010 doesn’t have the punch to be your primary PC for day-to-day tasks, but its low-end mobile CPU and decent RAM will suffice for browsing the online , performing from home thereon occasional office document, and watching YouTube, Netflix – or your DVDs.

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