Recover Lost Data from BitLocker Encrypted Disk?

We are subject to information for some things. Truth be told, our choices are impacted by the information and data we gather from our environmental factors. Subsequently, getting the information turns into our main goal. This is the place where BitLocker apparatuses come into the casing.

BitLocker is a windows encryption instrument that permits people to scramble all their framework information. The encryption activity can be adaptable as the encryption goes from scrambling a solitary record to the entire hard drive.

It unquestionably offers a specific layer of security assurance and limits approval of information access. Notwithstanding, the genuine issue that accompanies BitLocker is that it makes it difficult to recuperate lost information from a BitLocker encoded hard drive.

Recuperate Lost Data from BitLocker Encrypted Drive

This is perhaps the most widely recognized we get from my perusers. Everyone utilized the BitLocker encryption device to keep up some protection with their information. Yet, someplace down the line, when similar information gets lost, it makes a more serious issue of recuperating it.

On the off chance that you at any point experienced such an issue, the best way to recuperate your lost information is by utilizing information recuperation programming. Utilizing information recuperation programming is a solitary helpful strategy to guarantee 100% recuperation of the lost information.

In any case, there is a couple of information recuperation programming that offers information recuperation from BitLocker encoded drives. Among the trivial few, iBoysoft Data Recovery stands apart with its free 1GB information recuperation administrations.

iBoysoft information recuperation programming is among the best recuperation programming fit for recuperating information from any information misfortune situations. The accompanying advances will tell you the best way to utilize the product to recuperate BitLocker encoded lost information.

Stage 1: Install iBoysoft Data Recovery

Introducing is the initial step. While introducing, there will be times when your framework will caution you about downloading improper programming; simply overlook the admonition sign. In spite of the fact that iBoysoft Data Recovery is spotless and secure, a few firewalls consider them unsafe.

Stage 2: Connect the External Drive

Interface an extra hard drive to recuperate your lost information into this drive. While you are recuperating lost information, you wouldn’t prefer to overwrite the current information. Recuperating in an alternate hard drive lessens the overwriting hazard.

Stage 3: Select the Drive-In Question and Input Password or Recovery Key

Since you are prepared, select the drive being referred to. The product interface will show every one of the drives accessible for the sweep. You need to choose the drive from where the information misfortune occasion has occurred. Enter the BitLocker Password or Recovery Key to filter for the erased or lost records. Contingent upon the volume of information that will go through the output, the cycle can a few seconds to a moment.

Stage 4: Find Deleted Files

Every one of the outcomes will be apparent on the screen in a coordinated way after the filtering is finished. Float through the information and attempt to discover the information you need.

Stage 5: Preview

At the point when you at long last get the information being referred to, audit the information to guarantee its believability. The survey will help you track down the right information.

Stage 6: Recover

The last advance is recuperation; select the information and recuperate.


To summarize, this guide is intended to assist you with recuperating lost information from BitLocker scrambled parcels with iBoysoft Data Recovery. It’s the best information recuperation programming I have at any point utilized for scrambled drive information recuperation. Aside from BitLocker information recuperation on Windows, the product likewise performs Mac information recuperation which can recuperate information from T2 chip Macs and APFS encoded hard circles.

All things considered, presently you realize how to successfully recuperate lost information from BitLocker scrambled drives. What’s your opinion about this article? Was this useful? Or then again might you want to have an alternate arrangement? Do tell us.

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