What to look for in a Vacuum Cleaner

When we get used to the same way of doing things, transitioning to others methods may prove difficult. A vacuum cleaner is quickly becoming a ‘must possess’ cleaning appliance in most households today;

it would be a waste to dismiss its reliability and efficiency.

This article is dedicated to guiding you after making a bold decision to improve your cleaning technique at home.

With the knowledge that you are spoilt for choices in the Kenyan vacuum cleaner market, your shopping experience may become quite overwhelming. Given the state of the economy today, if you go to the store unaware of what you are looking for, a desperate selling agent can trick you into buying a vacuum cleaner with unnecessary features that don’t fit your needs. My job is to keep you one step ahead; below is a compilation of all you ought to know before going to the store.

  • Ease Of Operation

A vacuum cleaner comes with a user manual to assist you in getting the hang of your newly acquired appliance. Even so, it should be a guide to an already easy to operate machine; the controls should be easy to reach given the frequent need to change cleaning surfaces. If your budget does not allow you to buy an advanced cleaner, ensure you get one with an easy to empty the dirt cup and a self-cleaning brush roll.

  • Dry or Wet Vacuum

The choice to buy a wet or dry vacuum cleaner comes down to the cleaning environment. Dry cleaners are made for dirt and debris elimination; wet cleaners, on the other hand, are essential if you have kids around. Having a wet cleaner will help you cope with the frustration of dealing with water or milk spillage everywhere; if a dry vacuum comes into contact with moist dirt, immediately clean and dry it thoroughly before using it again.

  • The Suction Power

The efficiency of the vacuum cleaner highly depends on its cleaning performance. Therefore, suction power is crucial as it also influences the vacuum cleaner price in Kenya. Heavy-duty surfaces like thick carpets will require a vacuum with a powerful suction motor. Important to consider is the power of the main motor; though it may relate to the suction power, it doesn’t guarantee good performance.

  • The Type of Filters Used

Fortunately for people with dust allergies and breathing problems, most vacuum cleaners are equipped with filter technology to prevent health risks. In addition, they come with UV-enabled disinfection technology to eliminate germs and viruses. It is advisable to get a cleaner with these features as a preventive measure.

  • Maneuverability/ Cleaning Reach

Adequate knowledge of the types of vacuum cleaners available in the market will come in handy as far as ease of reach is concerned. Cordless vacuums have infinite reach as they don’t depend on the main power supply. The upright vacuum cleaner, which is commonly used in Kenya, is preferred because it allows for cleaning ground surfaces and elevated areas.


Analyze your lifestyle and identify and jot down your cleaning needs; familiarize yourself with the different vacuum cleaners while considering the factors discussed above.

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