4 Great Reasons to Back Up Your NAS Device

An NAS device is a great way to store lots of information and allow everyone connected to a single network to access that information. However, not everyone who owns an NAS device as part of their business has taken the time to back up that device to the cloud. If you haven’t decided to back up your NAS device to the cloud, remember that this is an important part of the process. Here are four things that may make you realize the importance of NAS cloud backup.

  1. Degrading Technology

Quite simply, technology degrades over time. Technology degradation is a problem that many pieces of information run into, but when it comes to endpoint devices like laptops and phones, it’s pretty common to notice these problems early on and switch to a new device before you lose any data. However, especially because your NAS device may not be as well-used, you might not realize the problems before it’s too late. If your device does happen to degrade so far that you start losing data, a backup will let you retain that data.

  1. Accidents With Physical Items

Physical items are just prone to accidents. Whether it’s someone knocking an NAS device off the shelf, dropping something on the device, kicking the device, or otherwise accidentally causing damage to it, you’re really only one accident away from completely losing access to the NAS device. If this happens and you completely lose that data, it can be hugely detrimental to your business – if you have a backup, you just have to replace the item.

  1. Catastrophic Events

Catastrophic events are, of course, much less common than accidents, but they do happen. If, for example, your business’s building gets completely knocked out by a fire, or a serious earthquake happens in the area, chances are that the physical data held in those buildings is going to be completely gone. A cloud backup will allow you to get the data back, helping you rebuild as quickly as possible.

  1. Intentional Attacks

Lastly, you may be able to protect your company against intentional attacks, like ransomware attacks, with the help of a backup. Ransomware attacks often spread through the network, and because the NAS device is connected to the network, ransomware may well be able to lock up an NAS device. However, if your NAS device has an object lock backup, ransomware won’t be able to lock up that backup, so you can just wipe the device and move on.


It’s extremely important that your company backs up your NAS device. You can’t expect that you’re going to be able to keep your NAS device working forever, and having that extra copy of the device data will be immensely helpful for your company overall. If you want to keep working in the case of any of these disasters, you’ll want to start looking into NAS cloud backup for your company and your devices.

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