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Yeti Casino is a South African online casino operated and owned by L&L Europe LLC. The online gambling website was first launched in 2017; it has gained many users online due to its unlimited bonus and other easy tips to play online. Yeti Casino is operated and owned by the L&L network. It has been in operation for many years, making it one of the industry’s most respected and reputable online gambling sites.

Even though Yeti casino is not among the top 5, they offer magical experiences. Its users in Africa, particularly South Africans, have helped it acquire an online presence and a history in the industry. Some of the offers and rewards include an exclusive R100 sign up fee zero sign up fee with extra 50 free spins, which is equal to R100, giving you a total of R300 sign up bonus absolutely free. In today’s article, we are reviewing some of the amazing features of the site, how to sign up, how to bet or place a bet, and many more.

Yeti Casino Promotions, Coupon Codes, and Bonuses

The most popular gift on the Yeti website is the R200 free with no deposit, an R100 free plus the 50 free gambling spins. So, if you wish to try some online gambling, then use the exclusive offers in Yeti Casino and claim you r200 free plus million other privileges on the site. But it all comes down to signing up, so if you are interested or feel like you should be winning with an amazing site, search for yeti casino, sign up on your search engine and join the winning team.

Unlimited 10% Wagering Cashback

You can earn up to 10% unlimited cashback for all lost deposits; can you imagine that! Someone is paying after you lose your bets. This is how it works for every bet you place, and losing your deposit in full at our casino will accumulate a 10% refundable fee. For instance, if you made a deposit of 100 or R1000 and lost all the stake, your account will be credited with R100 in the form of cashback. This applies to all payments and exclusions of the money paid to the site with bonuses. In simple words, if you lose your welcome fee, you will not enjoy the 10% cashback this applies to a new deposit. Another sweet thing with Yeti casino is that the cashback can accumulate over time, and you can claim it anytime or place another bet.

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How to Claim your Accumulated Cashback

First things first, you need to have an account with our casino and make some deposits. If your bets or spines are lost, then the system will reload your account with a ten percent value; you can wait for the amount to accumulate in your cash back wallet and withdraw after 24 hours. You can also follow this easy way;

  • Enter your sign-up information profile on your device and click on the payment arrow to display your balance.
  • Click my account and then cashback account; here, you will have a menu showing how much you’ve accumulated with time. 
  • To withdraw, click activate cashback account and then claim your cashback.

Cashback Terms and Rules

All the cashback fees are subjected to a system-calibrated formula of Deposit- withdrawals multiplied by 10%. If you had some withdrawal that was higher than your total or initial deposit, then you won’t have any claims on cashback. This means you won your bet, and cashback only applies to lost bets.

Wicked Wednesday

Every other Wednesday, our site rewards our users with an amazing reload bonus; this may be in the form of regular deposits or site-free spins. Most of the casino’s offers are communicated via SMS, email, or dashboard notifications.

R25,000 Tournaments

Yeti site runs a unique and special tournament for users every month with amazing prices and bonuses. Unlike other casinos online, at Yeti casino, all users are fit and eligible to enroll and participate; you don’t need a gold or platinum membership to be part of these tournaments. The website also features a multi-player game meaning you can bring in your clew and have some fun while winning.

How to Enroll or Participate in Yeti Tournaments

When you first deposit or launch your money in Yeti Casino ZA, the first thing our system does to your membership is to promote you to a leaderboard, and this gives you access to all the games. So basically, it is your first deposit that gives you access to all the services on the website.

If you enjoy casino games, the casino lobby helps you to view all the available games and players by just clicking tournament games, and for the records, every tournament has more than 30 different slots; at least here, you can have choices to pick your liking.

Loyalty and VIP Program

Yeti has no loyalty or VIP programs; all players are subjected to the same terms and privileges. That is why all of our players are eligible to compete in all competitions on the site. In fact, the site is advocating for equality when it comes to gaming terms and other benefits, so if you are a yeti player, you are guaranteed equality and favors.

Withdrawing and Depositing at Yeti Casino

There are various ways and options available at yeti for all deposits and withdrawals. The easiest one is EFT withdrawals and deposits. This allows you to use EFT for payments; this is also the common method of payment used in SA and in most online casinos. You can also deposit your cash via Mastercard or Visa, although some of the SA banks have been in question for gambling resources and returns. Other deposit choices include Skrill, Ecopayz, Neteller, and e-wallets. When it comes to withdrawals, all the payments are made online directly to your account for a period not less than 24 hours for all business days.


Online gambling can be addicting, but under the right website like Yeti casino, you can still make some passive incomes outside your basic salary. It is also wise to understand that betting is restricted to all persons under 18 years of age, and excessive gambling can be a problem, so bet responsibly.

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