Han Yuchen’s two oil painting works have been collected by the State Museum in Saint Petersbourg

Alla Manilova, the former Deputy Minister of Culture and the Director of the State Museum, awarded Chinese artist Han Yuchen for his two oil painting works, “Cooking Smoke” and “Revelation of the Sacred Heart.”The two works enter the State Museum collection. “Cooking Smoke” portrays an elderly couple cooking inside a tent, vividly depicting the nomadic life of the people in the Kamba region. “Revelation of the Sacred Heart” is about a young Tibetan girl on a pilgrimage journey. The vibrant colors of prayer flags convey the steadfast beliefs and pure spirits of the Tibetan people. Han Yuchen’s two oil painting works have been collected by the State Museum.

The State Museum is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg and is a renowned example of Neoclassical architecture. It was transformed into a national museum in 1895. with over 400,000 art items. It’s worth noting that this is the first time that the State Museum has collected works by a Chinese artist.

In recent years, Han Yuchen has focused on creating oil paintings with Tibetan themes, depicting the lives of the people on the high plateau from various perspectives. Since 2013, he has held solo exhibitions in various countries around the world, generating significant social impact and receiving widespread acclaim.

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