Oval Cut Diamonds: A Flattering & Feminine Shape

For brides desiring an alternative with romantic allure, oval cut diamonds proffer a gracefully elongated silhouette. Their softer brilliance adds diversity to moissanite rings as well.

Oval diamonds appear as rounded rectangles with appealing curves at the sides. Like emerald cuts, ovals make the central stone look larger due to their elongated outline. Ovals beautifully flatter and slenderize the finger. 

The oval’s elongated shape also adds a touch of vintage glamour. Their curves soften dazzle with a delicate femininity. Oval diamonds impart exquisiteness perfect for wedding bands or solitaires.

Like rounds, oval diamonds contain brilliant cut faceting optimized to reflect light. While they can’t match rounds’ superior brilliance, oval diamonds retain enough flash to dazzle brightly. Their gleam captivates gracefully.

Moissanite rings also showcase the elongated stone. Moissanite’s high refractive rating means oval moissanites still exhibit gorgeous luster. The oval length flatters hands while allowing light to dance through moissanite’s fiery facets.

With their romantic shape and sparkle, oval diamonds and moissanites bring timeless elegance to engagement rings in a distinctive way. Brides drawn to fluid lines and feminine beauty find ovals ideal for showing contemporary flair while making a cherished statement.

The elongated shape does require finding a stone with perfect symmetry to avoid bow-tie darkening at the ends. But ideal ovals reward with breathtaking brilliance in an unexpected shape. For the bride seeking something unique yet exquisite, oval diamonds and moissanites deliver modern romance.

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