Lighten Up Your Diwali With These Decorative Lighting Tips

Diwali is the festival of joy and lots and lots of lighting, symbolising the victory of good over evil. Lighting plays a crucial role in home decor and renovation for Diwali. It elevates the whole festive mood by creating a soothing ambience. While diyas and string lights are the most popular decorations, many amazing lighting ideas are available in the market to make your home unique in the neighbourhood.


Lanterns are versatile. You can use them as Diwali light decorations. It will make your home a little more charming with a vintage feel. Get different sizes and shapes of lanterns. Place some scented candles in it and decorate them in different corners of your home. You can put them on the balcony or hang them on a tree outside your house. Try considering hurricane lamps for the perfect vintage look. You can buy electric lanterns also they will be more convenient for open space decoration.

Warm tone lights

Consider warm tones instead of bright lights when choosing lights for Diwali decoration. Choose lights with some gold, yellow, green and blue hues to create a cozy and more welcoming environment. Avoid bright white lights as much as possible because they disrupt the warmness of the decoration.

Edison bulbs

Want that authentic vintage cafe vibe in Diwali decoration? Try Edison bulbs. Just hang the cluster of different shapes of bulbs in your living area and porch. Decorate your garden with them or drape them around the trees. You can use them to brighten the pathways by fixing them to the ground.

Scented candles

Candles are an effortless and timeless option for decoration purposes. Diwali is the perfect occasion to show your creativity. Try your hand at creating a unique decorative piece. There are several ways to personalise and decorate simple scented candles. You can add jewels, beads, fabric and laces to your candle for a more enchanted look.


Lamps come in so many varieties. You can match them with the overall room decor lights to give the perfect Diwali vibe to your home. Pick elegantly carved lamps and ensemble them with some small diyas, and you are sorted for the dining hall decoration. You can choose Turkish lamps and hang them on your lawn to give an ethnic yet elegant touch.

Mix and match

The most popular and perfect way to celebrate your Diwali is just to mix and match all the lighting options available to you. You can try layered illumination. It is done to create a well-lit and balanced space. If you do it right, it will create the perfect warm festive ambience. Use a different kind of warm and soft lighting in dark corners but remember to leave some dark spaces for the perfect and balanced warm effect in the area. The space should not be too bright; otherwise, it will lose the aura of warmness.

Try these latest lighting ideas this Diwali with other traditional decorations. It will help you to meet the major Indian classic decoration vibe with a tint of a modern feel.

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