What is QQ Online?

In this article we’ll explore Tencent’s QQ and how the service has grown and developed. We’ll also take a look at the future of QQ. As with all social networks, there are benefits and drawbacks to using QQ online. Hopefully this article will be helpful to you when you are considering whether QQ online is right for you.

Tencent’s QQ

Tencent’s QQ online has reached a milestone of over 549 million registered users and a market share of 77%. In 2004, the company launched the QQ hierarchy. It was based on the amount of time spent by a member on the service; the more time a member spent on QQ, the higher their level would be. However, this system was criticised for wasting time and energy. The company later changed the hierarchy to a daily unit.

While the site is still popular in China, it has recently launched QQ International, which is aimed at foreign users. It has an interface that is available in English, French, Japanese, and Korean. This makes it easy for users outside of China to communicate with each other. The company plans to promote QQ International through partnerships with foreign-language media.

WeChat, the largest social media application in China, was unable to match the popularity of QQ. It became the most popular social networking app in the country this year. Unlike QQ, WeChat is compatible with most phone carriers. The service quickly gained users and added new features. Compared to QQ, WeChat is a more modern and user-friendly platform, which has a stronger emphasis on the “here and now.”

Its origins

QQ online is an online social networking service. It is widely used in a variety of businesses, including the online gaming industry. The site offers a variety of interesting poker games. Its popularity has grown quickly. QQ is particularly popular among poker enthusiasts, and the game is becoming increasingly popular.

The word QQ is thought to have its origins in the game Warcraft II, where players could quit a battle by hitting ALT+Q+Q. The symbol resembles eyes crying, and may have come from the game Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. But the origin of the term is still up for debate.

The word QQ is also used as an emoticon for crying. People often use it to show sympathy or sadness, and sometimes to express disgust or outrage. It has even been used to describe abuse. The word QQ is derived from several different online subcultures, and the modern version of the acronym QQ is a blend of several of them.

Its growth

QQ is a popular Chinese social network developed by Tencent Inc. It was first launched in 1999, and it has since become an integral part of online life in China. It dominated the messaging market during the rapid growth of the internet, but it saw its popularity wane as netizens switched to new social networks and mobile devices. However, with a devoted following of young users, QQ is trying to fight back.

In the past two years, QQ has seen explosive growth. It is now one of the most popular social networks in China with one million simultaneous online users. The company has a 90% market share in the country, and it has proven that China has a great deal of software power. However, it is not without its problems.

Its future

QQ online’s future can be questioned due to the company’s strategy of focusing on mobile internet and game revenue. It is also important to note that the company has made it clear that QQ will continue to support the visually impaired, and fulfill its corporate responsibilities. While Tencent’s previous strategy had been to abandon QQ altogether, it has now repositioned itself as a mobile internet company.

It has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s biggest social networks, and today boasts over 850 million monthly active users, nearly double the number of Twitter users. However, while QQ’s growth has been remarkable, it has also been plagued by problems. Its founders have attempted to sabotage the company for years, but the company has managed to stay alive despite the setbacks.


The company’s QQ Game has been a huge hit. Its users reached 620000 concurrent users in August 2007 – the biggest ever for any Chinese casual game portal. A year later, it became the largest gaming portal in China.

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