How to bet on MotoGP

Moto GP is the premier class of Motorcycle racing on the planet. Raced on road circuits all over the world it is exciting and produces some unbelievable action. The fast and furious nature of the sport makes it both exhilarating and dangerous at the same time. With a relatively small pool of riders, each year Motogp Betting is becoming popular with bettors who can gather large amounts of information on all the participants.

Why bet on MotoGP?

With outstanding media coverage, Moto GP provides a great betting option for punters. The relatively small number of riders makes it easier to assess the form and monitor any betting opportunities. MotoGP is a sport with a clear winner, the first motorcycle past the post. Bettors just need to find the best rider on the fastest bike. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?!  When you add in the proposition bets, there is something in it for everyone.

MotoGP Bet types

Race Winner: The easiest and most popular bet type. It is a bet of the winner of the race. You pick a rider and place a bet on them and if they win, you win. For example, you bet a $10 wager on Fabio Quartararo to win at odds of $2.50. If he wins you get back $25. It is that simple!

Podium Finish: Similar to a race winner bet, a podium finish bet is for a rider to finish in the top 3 of a particular race. The odds are not as good as the winner market but there are three chances of winning.

Head-to-Head: This is becoming a popular bet type over time. The bookmakers offer a market featuring two riders. Whoever finishes higher in the race out of the pair is the winner irrespective of their overall finishing spot.

Fastest Qualifier: Who will take pole position in the race? Bettors can bet on who they think will get the coveted spot for the big race.

Drivers’ Championship: A bet of who will accumulate the most points throughout the MotoGP season. Points are allocated on top 15 finishing positions ensuring that all riders optimise their finished on every occasion. Gets on this market change after every race dependent on race results.

Constructors Championship: Similar to the Drivers’ Championship, but an award for the best team. Points are allocated in each race and this puts pressure on the pit crew to ensure that riders finish the course and earn points.

Moto GP Information

The modern media landscape provides numerous sources of information. Without a doubt, the best website for MotoGP is It is the official website and provides up to the minute updates on news and qualifying times. The Palmerbet blog provides up to date betting tips and motor racing betting odds on all types of motor racing, including MotoGP odds and F1 odds.

Every rider engaged in MotoGP has a strong online presence. Once you have identified who you think is a good winning chance it is a good idea to look at their social media pages. Twitter and Instagram provide updates on the rider in real time. Are they injured? How is their mood? All these aspects play a part in the rider’s performance.

Moto GP Betting Strategy

As with all betting, it is important for bettors to come up with their own racing betting odds. We live in the information age and it is important to distinguish between fact and rumour. With MotoGP this is simple. How fast was the rider in qualifying? How has the rider performed at the track previously? Is the driver at full fitness? What weather conditions will the race be run under? All of these factors need to be addressed before placing an informed online betting wager.

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