In present times, to get equipped with the in-demand knowledge and skills as per industries’ requirements has become one tough job for every newbie and even professionals. The reason is that with the changing times and advancement of the technology, the demand of the clients has also changed. To meet up to their requirements, enterprises seek to adapt themselves to be able to provide the requisite products and services.

But how do you get the opportunity to gain these skills, is there any platform offering to individuals like you sufficient training as per industry demands? Well, the answer is yes. One such learning platform is of the Zeolearn Academy that offers regular courses and certification training on their immersive learning website throughout the year.

In this article, we will be specifically talking about the latest Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Training in Melbourne, Australia which is being offered on Zeolearn Academy platform. Here, the course is designed to help the interested individuals get enrolled in the course and actively participate in the interactive learning process provided by the expert Professional scrum trainers so that they learn the scrum process use in real world context and become able to build high-performing teams for their respective organization.


The professional scrum master course is a comprehensively curated training course that will be a 16-hour of live online training led by the instructors who are given accreditation from and are expert in imparting of PSM course. The professional scrum trainers will help the participants learn quickly by making use of unique activities such as role plays, case studies, real world-simulations, and much more. The idea behind making this course is only that all the interested individuals in becoming a Scrum Master learn from the training about real world applications of scrum so that they eventually get certified as a Professional Scrum Master of the field.


It is not a hidden fact that a scrum master is the main lead role which is actually the lifeline of any Agile project. The reason it is said so, because role of a scrum master is to remove the possible roadblocks and facilitate the development process for the product development team. A Scrum Master of an organization works closely integrated with the Product Owner and the development team, thus making sure that all the principles, values, and Scrum practices are being regularly followed at every stage of an Agile project.

Since the role of a scrum master is very huge for any company, it has gained huge popularity over many years, and is now currently in heavy demand across the industries. It is listed among the top 10 list of the ‘Most Promising Jobs’ on LinkedIn. A skilled scrum master is highly valued and is demanded by every other top company who like to hire such skilled individuals who are a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM). 

To get a skilled certification in it, thus become a imperative thing and this is why the Zeolearn Academy has been offering to the interested candidates a extensive course on Professional Scrum Master™. The certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification is a professional credential which is offered by the™ to those individuals who complete the PSM training by its authorized partner i.e. Zeolearn Academy. The certification in PSM reflects the competency of individuals in efficiently using and applying Scrum in their workplace and their understanding of the dynamics of a Scrum team.

However, The PSM certification is provided to only those participants who complete the training and pass the exam by demonstrating their knowledge and expertise in the subject of implementing Scrum framework and its practices. 


The Professional Scrum Master Certification training is a complete package of golden opportunity where you have the chance to get certified as a professional scrum master and with proper training in both theoretical and practical aspects that are required in understanding the Scrum team’s dynamics and application of Scrum across the enterprise.

The training will be provided by the Professional Scrum Trainers who have extensive years of experience in giving interactive and progressive learning training to the interested participants. You will be trained about the design aspects concerning Scrum application along with essential things like team motivation, team dynamics, improved planning and estimation, conflict resolution, and so on. And after getting Professional Scrum Master™ certification, it is guaranteed that the participants will be master of fundamentals of scrum and would have developed a firm foundational knowledge. Your job would be only to take advantage of the efforts put in by trainers in the engaging classes and understand the Scrum practices and techniques of its implementation across the company. 

You will learn what exactly it takes to use scrum in order to become a servant leader for the team governance, and also learn to master the real world decision making and collaborative values that satisfies that team and the stakeholder. So, enroll with the foundational PSM course on Zeolearn and keep a step forwards in the direction of exploring more knowledge and skills to expand on your inner potential.


  1. Scrum Foundations: In the beginning, the participants will be given lesions with the introductory sessions which will basically deal with understanding the basics of scrum framework and its benefits. Thus, the idea is to first get you acquainted with the basics of scrum so that you can understand the advanced features easily.
  2. Product Increment: Product Increment is the final stage of a scrum process in the development of the product. This is the stage at which the scrum process of team becomes consistent with the organizational goals set in the beginning, so you need to master how to attain product increment at all cost.
  3. Executing Scrum: For efficient implementation of Scrum, it is a tough skill to achieve but the trainers will teach you the required techniques of running a scrum project at the workplace.
  4. Collaboration: You need to cultivate collaborative value and flow at the workplace so that a behavioral shift occurs in the working attitude of the teams and other people. 
  5. Scrum Adoption: Learn all aspects of adopting scrum in a manner to help the organization grow always towards success.
  6. Scrum Master Role: Act as a servant leader to govern your team work for the best of the company. 

So, this was all about the Professional Scrum Master Certification course. As aforesaid, there are hosts of benefits offered from attending this training, and especially for those who aspire to become proficient in scrum and grow their job career with some newly acquired skills that are in demand across industries.

There as such no prior requirements that you need to fulfill in order to take up this PSM course, however for the better understanding of the concepts, it is recommended that participants come with some basic knowledge of Agile and Scrum. To understand the basic knowledge, the Agile and Scrum Foundation course will be good primer which is also available on Zeolearn platform.

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