Quick Tips on Bone Cutter Machine Shopping

The bone cutting machine is one of the most essential meat processing tools that butchers and other workers in meat processing industries have always appreciated.

This article is a simplified analysis of the price of bone cutter machine in Kenya. The article further explains what brings the urgency in purchasing the machine. Additionally, the considerations based in price determination have also been outlined. In case you own a butchery or you work in a meat processing firm, this is the right article for you.

The need to embrace modernity has been observed in the meat industry. For butcheries and other meat processing industries, an urgent need to shift from traditional ways of chopping meat and bones has been necessitated. Electric and manual bone cutting machines have become essential to cater for the mentioned needs. The prices of the bone cutting machines in Kenya have been based on various factors discussed hereunder.

  1. Manual or Electric

Manual bone cutters require manpower in operation. On the other hand, an electric cutter operates only in the event of availability of a source of power. Manual bone cutters take much time in operation as opposed to electric bone cutters which are rather fast. Following the duration taken in service, electric cutters are more convenient than the manual ones.

  1. Power of the Machine’s Motor.

This factor is applicable only to the electric bone cutters. For easy operation, especially when dealing with a large number of customers and time saving is necessary, a high power motor is needed. This is important as it enables quick service to customers thus maintaining trust with them.

  1. Sharpness of the Machine’s Cutting Edge.

Obviously, a sharper cutter is needed to enable smooth chopping of bones and meat. This is also important in the separation of bones from meat. For cutters that are not sharp, a lot of energy is needed during the cutting process. This eventually results into chopped pieces that are not impressive.

  1. Ease of Operation

Electric bone cutters are quite easy to use as most come with user manuals. Correct assembling is important for a quick use of the machine. Easy-to-use machines are always prioritized during purchase.

  1. BPA Standards for the Machine

Most Electric Bone cutters are made of steel. This therefore implies they have met BPA standards which is different from plastic-made appliances. Health is one factor that needs to be prioritized before anything else.

  1. Availability of the Machine

Bone cutter machines are available in most electric appliances shop across the country. Other people however choose to shop in the online platform which has now become the new normal.

  1. Purchase Price of the Machine

Bone cutter machine price in Kenya is highly variable. The various considerations made in pricing include the size of the machine, power of the motor for electric ones and the difference in features available.


As it has been realized, a bone cutting machine is one of the most important tools in the meat industry. This has actually minimized man power required in meat cutting process unlike when traditional methods were applied. The price of the machine has also been determined to be variable, depending on one’s own needs.

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