Types of Food Allergies You Should Know About

Restaurants focus greatly on maintaining food safety standards through safe food handling and labelling practices. This does not mean that us consumers get a free pass. We are better off learning about certain factors that pose a risk to our health. Food allergies are one of those factors in food safety. 

Although restaurants pay close attention to allergen management, it is still essential for us to learn about the types of food allergies. Knowledge can help us practise caution. Let’s discuss some common foods that can cause allergic reactions in people.

Types of Food Allergies

Certain foods can trigger an immune response upon consumption and cause food allergies. Allergic reactions can cause wheezing, troubled breathing, throat tightness, red spots, and swelling. Severe reactions, called anaphylaxis, are also common and require an EpiPen to relieve symptoms in life-threatening conditions. 

Some common types of food allergies include the following:

1.Dairy Allergy

 Unlike lactose intolerance, caused by a lack of lactase enzyme, dairy allergy is caused by the body’s intolerance to milk and dairy proteins. Consumption is not safe even with the help of drugs, and foods containing milk and other dairy product should be avoided. Milk and egg allergies are subtypes of dairy allergy and are common among children and infants.

2.Peanut Allergy

It is one of the most common allergies. Peanuts are widely used in Pan-Asian cuisine and food products, such as peanut butter. Allergic reactions to peanuts can be extremely severe and can cause anaphylaxis. 

3.Shellfish Allergy

People typically do not outgrow this common lifelong food allergy. Individuals usually experience their first allergic reaction as adults. Common allergens in shellfish are either found in crustaceans, such as crabs and shrimps, or molluscs, such as clams and oysters. You should steer clear of shellfish if you experience allergic reactions to either molluscs or crustaceans.

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