The Ultimate Course Of Data Science With Python

As the world is evolving like no before you have to be excellent in the technical skills that are the center of attracting of this evolution process. All the changes, innovations, and technological advancements that we are seeing all are the result of evolving technology. 

And behind all these advancements are the brains of the experts who are using the advanced technology and making such differences in our world. If you also wonder how they are able to do that then you are at the right place. 

Here we will be discussing the data science with Python certification course and how it can be useful in establishing your career. 

Course Overview 

In this course of data science and Python, you will get a complete overview of the tools and techniques used in Python’s analytics. 

Python is one of the world’s most popular and used programming languages that are used by millions of data scientists to code their programs. This programming language has been in use for more than 3 decades and is widely used from web development to network servers. 

Yet its uses are increasing day by day 360DigiTMG provides the best data science course in bangalore making it the first choice of web developers, software engineers, and data scientists who want to use this language for fast and efficient results.

And the popularity of data science in the modern world is not bound by any introduction. Today most organizations are using data science for developing applications that can be used in the organization for making their working mechanism better.

So when these two come to one place they together guarantee the success of your career. Global enterprises are demanding data scientists who are experts in Python so that they can reinvent the business models using Python and valuable data contributing to their development. 

In this course, all the topics of data science are covered and from basics to advanced level of knowledge on Python is provided. 

The course will offer you interesting topics such as hypothesis testing, exploratory data analysis, statistics fundamentals, regression classification modeling techniques, and machine learning algorithms. 

This course is specially designed for the professionals in the data science field, or in Python, or who have to work with massive datasets in their career, data engineers, software engineers, data analysts, and economists too. 

With this course, you can make your portfolio the best among others and you can get a job very easily where Python or data science skills are demanded because you will have them both. 

In the course you will be learning Python programming skills, data visualization with ggplot, Seaborn, Matplotlib, manipulating and analyzing data using the Pandas library, data distribution with variance, standard deviation, and more, and analysis of variance. 

With that, you will also learn how to calculate the conditional probability by using hypothesis testing, building linear regression models, how to use dimensionality reduction technique, building KNN algorithm models to find the optimum value of K, visualizing time series data and components. 

Also, you will be learning how to build binomial logistic regression models, build decision tree models for regression and classification, how to measure performance metrics, evaluate model parameters, build linear regression models, and agile skills that will give you an edge over. 

Course Content 

This course covers all the relevant topics of data science and Python which will help you in your career. 

The course will start with an introduction to data science and carry forward with mastering Python, probability, and statistics, advanced statistics and predictive modeling I and II, time series forecasting, and a capstone project. 

Here in the course in Python distribution, you will learn basic data types, Anaconda, strings, data structures, regular expressions, control statements, and loops. 

In Python, you will learn the Lambda function and user-defined functions in Python and the object-oriented way of objects and writings classes, how to import datasets into Python, how to write outputs, and data analysis using the Pandas library. 

And in the data science under probability and statistics, you will learn data distribution, data values, conditional probability, and hypothesis testing, with analysis of variance, model building, linear regression, and dimensionality reduction techniques in advanced statistics. 

In predictive modeling, you will learn how to evaluate the model parameters, classification problems, model performance, and time-series data with its tools and components. 

So you can see that here in the course a lot of skills are being offered to the students that are extremely important in Python training and data science. 

This course aims at encouraging learn by doing approach, where doing experiments on your own will help you in a better understanding of the course. Here you will learn by doing practical work on the theory that is imparted in the classes. 

So the classes are divided into two parts, theory part, and practical work, wherein the practical work you will be given real–time world problems so that you can work on your own and know your future job roles and responsibilities. 

In the practical work, you will be given case studies and exercises that will make you more productive. Here all your mentors are industry leaders who will guide you with their years of experience and skills. 

In the study materials, you will have e-books, articles, tutorials, interview questions, and webinars to count a few. With that, you will be also given assessment reports on your work which will work as feedback on your work and will help you in improving your work. 

So as a whole this course will inculcate various data science and Python-related skills in you which you can use in your career and future job. 


There are no such prerequisites for this course but before starting the course you must have basic level knowledge on data science, Python training, and its uses. 

With that elementary programming knowledge of Python will be appreciated as it will help you in grasping the course content very easily and efficiently. 


Benefits Of Data Science With Python  

Above we have discussed the course on data science with Python training and here in this section, we will be looking at the benefits that this course will offer you. 

  • Python is used in a range of fields ranging from machine learning to web and desktop applications and network servers to count prominent ones. This single programming language is used in small apps to tech giants like Netflix, Google, Microsoft, etc. 
  • This course will speak for you that you are an expert in Python as well as in data science and add value to your portfolio. Because of this course, you can earn a decent job with nice payroll. 
  • In this competitive world, this will make your struggle for a good career easy and will help you throughout your career and job roles. 
  • Although there are many more programming languages available out there as Python is the most used and popular programming language so anyone looking for programming skills will select you at first. 
  • After combining data science and Python will become a combo that every organization demands. Today the corporate world is recognizing the use of data science and employing more data scientists in their teams. 
  • When you have the two most required skills then not only you will get a good job but also will get a boost to your career. 

So why leave this golden opportunity and miss this amazing course which can change your life. Get your course today before it’s too late. 

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