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The town of Mahabaleshwar in Satara town of Maharashtra offers some incredible and versatile tourist distractions, including a number of places where one could immerse oneself in nature Elephant’s head point, Arthur’s seat, Winson Point, Panchgani, Tapola,Babingtonton point, Elphinstone point, Connaught peak, Tiger Spring, Lodwick point, Helen point, Mapro garden, Arthur’s seat trek, Loyana valley trek, Bombay point, Tableland, Marjorie point, etc. along with a Lord Shive temple from a svyambhu shiva linga (self-originated shiv linga) and other temples such as Krishnabai temple, Panchganaga temple. The city is also known for delicious strawberries and raspberries; one may also want to shop for jams, jellies, honey, etc. – thus, it is an amazing place to be in for those with a sweet tooth. In fact, a three-day strawberry festival is held here every year. If one wants to for a picnic with a family by the waterside, one can try Dhobi waterfall, Lingmala falls, Chinaman’s falls, or Vienna lake in the city. Rowboats and paddle boats are also offered at Vienna lake; If it is fun and amusing rides one is after, the city offers two amazing amusing parks – On Wheelz and Velocity Entertainment. There is also a Roman Catholic church that was built for the British colonials. There are also some other historical sites such as Morarji castle, Pratapgad fort, etc. If one is looking for a place to stay in Mahabaleshwar, Mahabaleshwar Le Meridien is the place to go.

One may wonder why, well there are several reasons. An excellent hotel can not only anticipate and proactively meet one’s needs, but it will also manage to surprise one with additional delights. However, that is only possible if one chooses the right hotel. Fortunately, it is easy to choose a good hotel if one follows some good tips. These are:

  • COVID-19 related measures

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and one can suffer consequences because someone else wasn’t taking the necessary precautions. In such times, one wants to take necessary caution and ensure that the place one stays is taking necessary steps to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of shared as well as private spaces. Thus it is highly recommended that one should go through the hotel’s policy regarding the COVID-19 and how it ensures the safety of travelers while choosing the hotel.

  • Other disciplinary measures

There are many ways in which some visitors spoil the experience of others – smoking hookahs, speakers, drinking, etc. It is highly recommended that one should ensure that disciplinary measures exist in the policy of the hotel one chooses.

  • Basic amenities

It is critical that the hotel one chooses should cover all the basic amenities like food, parking facility, wifi, clean and well-lit rooms and furnishings, availability of basic toiletries, etc. Otherwise, one’s experience will be spoiled.

  • Comforts and luxuries

It is preferable if one’s hotel also provides additional comforts that enhance one’s experience while staying at the hotel. Five-star hotels may be a bit more costly, but they also provide these luxurious benefits like swimming pools, bathtubs, bars, etc. And one should indulge oneself when one can. After all, one is on holiday!

  • Internet ratings and reviews

A number of internet websites and mobile apps allow customers to rate their experience at various hotels as well as write reviews for the same. One must check these ratings while choosing a hotel so as to have some idea of the kind of experience one is to expect. One should consider a number of things in these reviews – whether the staff was courteous or friendly, whether the food was actually good, whether the hotel was willing to go that extra mile to awe its customers, whether rooms and washrooms were clean and well-lit etc.

  • Personal needs

While a hotel may be an excellent one, in theory, it may not be able to meet the specific needs of a specific guest. If, while taking the trip, one has any such specific needs, one must make sure that the hotel one chooses meets those needs. This applies not only to the hotel but to the room. Hotels with several different types of rooms are preferable as they are more likely to meet one’s needs.

  • Company

One should also consider who one is traveling with. If a person is alone, they may want a small single bedroom. A couple may want a twin bed or a honeymoon suite – also, if the couple in question is unmarried, one must ensure that unmarried couples are allowed inside the room. Someone on a business trip may have very specific needs, and some businesses may need places such as business centers, banquet rooms, meeting rooms, etc. Again, people traveling with family, including children, may want a hotel that makes their stay easy and if it is kid-friendly. If traveling with a large group, a number of rooms may be needed to accommodate all the people.

  • Budget

Of course, the budget is always a big constraint while choosing a hotel. One doesn’t want to choose a hotel that is too expensive, but one should also not try too hard unnecessarily to cut back on expenses as it may result in a bad experience.

  • Check-in and check-out process

Another important factor to consider is the check-in and check-out timings allowed and whether the process is smooth or not. If one’s check-in time doesn’t agree with that of the hotel, one is likely to suffer from a great deal of inconvenience.

Wrapping up

When one is out on a trip or a long tour, the hotels where one stays for a significant part of one’s overall experience, yet some tourists make the mistake of making decisions regarding the same casually and considering only tourist delights while taking decisions on their trips and tours. Don’t make this mistake. One should always choose the hotel where one is going to stay after careful research and considers. The tips mentioned above can help one a great deal in choosing the hotel best suited to one’s needs, desires, and plans. It shall enhance one’s overall experience of the tour. Hence, it has been very well justified that Mahabaleshwar Le Meridien is the place to go.

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