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Technology has always been at the forefront of everything, be it education or any other activity in continuous evolution. We had started when people used to get education sitting beside many others in a playground. Development and inventions have taken us to the time where we see every student sitting in a personal space of their home learning concepts through online methods. Since the very introduction of online education, the world has only seen new tools coming into practice and students making the best use of such tools. Today we have digital devices like the LMS and ERP, also used in professional workplaces. 

People are quite aware of the LMS advantages and other tools’ significance. Earlier, these tools were only used at professional workplaces and were not used with educational programs. But, since the whole educational system has transformed into online or e-learning, tools like LMS and ERP, a learning management system, and Enterprise resource planning are also very much encouraged from the School management side. 

Introduction of Technology into Education system

We have zero doubt that technology makes our lives better and more promising in many ways. Since its advancement, technology has only made Human lives more accessible and aims to do the same in the coming future and beyond. As we talked about earlier, education was mainly restricted to physical classes. Still, now, as per the modern techniques, the whole education system has become more sustainable in real terms. There are certain advantages that online learning, or put the technology, has brought to the world of education. Let’s look at some of the benefits or gifts in a point-wise manner below. 

Studies have never been more engaging

Many parents earlier thought that technology has no advantage in education and thought of technology as a mere distraction. 

However, the modern form of education is introduced. Students and educators are using technology only to bring science to digital learning tools. 

The mobile phones and laptops that were in use earlier just for entertainment are now being used for the best and help students from different geographies connect to the best quality education. 

Online learning, in general, offers more engagement than that of the earlier methods used for conducting education. 

 Students with different learning patterns

Each student present in the classroom is different from the other in one way or another. Sometimes, it was difficult for the educators to deal with these students and understand a concept in the pattern they used to teach earlier. But as online learning is facilitative of different ways of learning styles all incorporated into one quality education. It has helped students with different types to understand the concept and has helped educators simplify their teaching style, and helps them to deliver the best to the students. 

Improves both Collaboration and Communication 

Earlier, we used to communicate for the period we stayed at the schools or in the classroom. Still, with the involvement of technology, we are more collaborative over education delivery and other issues. Earlier, parent’s teacher’s meetings were only conducted once or twice a week. In addition to these technologies, it has become relatively easy for both parties to communicate with each other on digital devices and thus helps them overlook and guide the student into their academic performance. 


Schools and education systems in India and all across the globe have realized the real significance of incorporating technology into traditional teaching methods during the pandemic. Therefore, they are now maximizing their efforts to bring even more advanced technology to the forefront and revolutionize the sector.

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