Top Sites To Hire Great Software Engineers In 2021

Remote work is the new norm. It’s increasing day by day. People at the beginning of the pandemic were very skeptical about it. However, now they are gradually falling in love with the idea of working from home. One of the biggest reasons is being able to work from anywhere anytime. It completely eliminates geographical barriers.

Forbes reports that around 52 percent of the North American workforce in 2018 was projected to be remote. Meaning remote work existed even before the pandemic but gained popularity after the pandemic hit us. Europe’s remote working employees have grown from 7.7 percent to 9.8 percent in the past decade. By giving their workers the option to work from anywhere anytime, has helped them cut off company expenses and sizes. In fact, big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc, offer full and partial remote work opportunities.

Finding a suitable remote job can be a tedious task. Especially for new employees. Furthermore, the world is full of scammers so both the employer and the employee have to be cautious. There are difficulties finding remote jobs nonetheless, but then there are many suitable options available on the internet. Many sites connect employers and employees for recruiting purposes. Therefore, don’t give up hope and keep on looking.

Below is a list of a few sites where you can find companies that hire remote engineers

If you want to recruit remote engineers around the world you can contact an EOR Company.


Flexjobs is a brilliant website for freelancers and remote jobs. It specializes in finding temporary work. FlexJobs provides over 50 job categories at each career stage.

The most common irritation faced by many users of such websites is fake job postings. There are many scam jobs found on such websites that are only made to extract information from users. FlexJobs has made this their priority by monitoring each job for authenticity to provide the user with a great experience. Thus, saving them scammers.

Furthermore, it has jobs that pay fair wages and provide discounts randomly to users at unannounced times.

Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite is a platform that connects companies and employers. It has been referred to as the most user-friendly website by its users. Moreover, another good thing about Dynamite jobs is that they only post job ads that are a hundred percent remote and also pay well.

The purpose of dynamite Jobs was initially to help amateur founders build up their remote team.

In addition to the qualities of dynamite jobs, each month the jobs are taken off the website and new ones are added. Moreover, they have an option of filters, which makes it easy to filter out the right jobs for you without taking much of your time.


JustRemote displays hundreds of new vacancies every single month while discarding the ones that are not vacant anymore. Thus, making it easier to find your desirable job. JustRemote is a gigantic remote job platform that includes development, marketing, design, editing, and much more.

Their purpose is to provide you with the “best remote jobs” around the world. They recently introduced a new feature that they call “PowerSearch”, which lets you do a comprehensive search of the internet to look for remote job opportunities that aren’t heavily marketed but are still vacant.

They now also have a monthly paid subscription service for about $12, which in all honesty, isn’t that much considering they can provide you with opportunities that aren’t readily available.

Skip the drive

Skip the drive has divided the jobs into 31 different categories. Doing so has made it easier for people to find jobs without wasting time. Whatever category you need a job in, simply click that and choose the one that suits you the best. Moreover, another added quality of skip the drive is that it lets the user browse with a specific date and location. Because of these qualities, its users have voted it the most user-friendly job-finding site.

In addition to that, their search engine is super fast which saves you more time. Furthermore, skip the drive posts job listings from other sites as well. Hence, no more hassle of browsing and going through various websites. It’s like a one-stop-shop. is a company that allows you to hire the Top 1% percent of software engineers in the world. They do this by vetting the software engineers for you, saving you from all the hassle. They make hiring a far less complicated process.

They specialize in team augmentation where you can simply use their AI powered software to find the perfect match for your project from a database of pre-vetted engineers. Their vetting process is also very rigorous with focus on not just technical skills, but also soft skills.


Remotive is another job listing platform.  To date, remotive has helped thousands of people meet with their dream job. Remotive doesn’t only have software engineering jobs available but has several other categories like marketing and content writing etc. The best thing about remotive is that they have a filter for different categories. The categories make it super easy and user-friendly. Plus, they also save you a lot of time and hassle. Furthermore, remotive removes the jobs that aren’t vacant anymore. Moreover, it lets you search for jobs in specific locations so you can work with various countries throughout the world.

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