List of the Best Hewlett Packard Enterprise Products

Hewlett Packard Company is the manufacturer of software, an American-based company. HP is a company that provides software and solutions to other customers, businesses, and institutes around the globe. In 2015, Hewlett Packard company splits into two companies named HP Inc. & Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Later on, the corporation develops its offerings including IT infrastructure, personal computers and networking equipment, international services, and services of imaging and printing. The company is well-known throughout the world, as it operates in more than 170 countries. The company’s objective is to make it easier for individuals and institutions to use technology and services to solve problems and overcome barriers to achieve their goals. They aim to make the work-life and livings of their consumer easier.

Here is a list of the best Hewlett Packard Enterprises products in the market:

HPE Adaptive Rack Cooling System

It is a device that is used to cool down the racks of heating that are caused by today’s servers. HPE Adaptive Rack Cooling System can cool down almost 4 racks simultaneously. The HPE Adaptive Rack Cooling solution allows you to do more processing in the system without increasing the data center’s heat burden. The HPE Adaptive Rack Cooling technology can extend the life of a data center by improving power density without requiring extensive cooling upgrades.

HPE Moonshot-16SFP + Uplink Module

Do you ever desire the flexibility of reduced uplink connections to make installation easier? You have a digital design with the HPE Moonshot-180G Switch Module that can significantly simplify your data center. This product is good because of its performance and reliability, the module provides high productivity. The Features include pluggable module inserted, SFP+ ports can support either 1Gb or 10Gb, out-of-band management via serial port Connectivity, activity LEDs are linked together, durability button, and reset button.

HPE MSA 1050 SAN Storage

If someone wants a storage device that is affordable and has a good storage size, HPE MSA 1050 SAN Storage is the product for them. This product of Hewlett Packard Enterprise is great for budget-oriented people, and this product is designed specially to cater to the needs of entry-level storages. Another plus point about this device is this device can be expanded or upgraded in time of need. this storage device enables customers to make use of the most up-to-date storage technology with managing performance and cost at the same time. According to research, this range is leading the industry for the past eight years with almost 500,000 sold storage devices.

HPE Flex Network MSR95x Router Series

In a single, cost-effective design, the Router Series provides high-performance with small service connectivity. Boost your service delivery while simplifying corporate wide area network management with integrated networking, switching, wireless, security, and voice with no additional license. This series can be used in a variety of ways. The features of this product include simplicity and ease to use, the time for services and performance is enhanced, and increased speed and durability. Other than that, this product has many ports and allows the wireless connection.

Aruba Wireless Location Beacons

At companies, stadiums, hospitals, and other public places, Aruba Wireless Location Beacons use Wireless Bluetooth Energy technology to support indoor location and navigation, as well as proximity-aware push notifications. The option to modify beacon placement offers a more engaging consumer experience. Radio waves are also broadcast by these small, low-power wireless emitters. This device is easy to install, there is no need for connections of wires. Can work for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The best thing about this Aruba device that it protects the privacy of customers, there is no need to connect this device with smartphones or other devices. BLE technology enables the most precise placement, allowing you to provide a comprehensive, relevant mobile interaction experience. Signals from Aruba Beacons may be read from up to 200 feet away, and range can be sensed down to a few inches, the physical environment determines the maximum signal range.

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HPE Store Easy 1000 Storage

With the HPE Store Easy Management Console, you can easily manage centralized network-connected storage for documents, photos, audio, and video data. HPE Store Easy 1000 Storage provides flexible, efficient, and dependable file storage that is tailored according to your company’s needs and budget without sacrificing quality and capabilities. It comes in a variety of screen sizes, capacities, and performance levels, allowing you to get the most out of your investment while safeguarding your critical digital assets in an ever-changing threat scenario.

According to research, Hewlett Packard Enterprises offers the best products in the market dealing in every category of IT product including storage devices, routers, switches, wireless devices, servers, cooling systems, uninterruptable power system, infrastructures, uplink modules, file storage, storage media, networking and many more.

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