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6 Easy Things You Should Have for a Fantastic Sleep

Sleeping used to be a routine in everyone’s life, and life used to be simple and amazing. Life is still amazing, but simple is not something that describes the life of today’s generation. Sleeping disorders or insomnia has become a lifestyle disease for many, and when we search for the root cause, there are multiple reasons for it.

Having a good and timely sleep is of utmost importance. For that, a good mattress, pillow, and bed frame may help. A comfortable mattress and pillow can help resolve half the problems you face while trying to sleep. An appropriate bed frame can give you space and comfort to turn and move slightly, reducing the risk of neck and body pain. The size of the bed has to be at least double your shoulder width. Bed frames come in different sizes, and you can select them at your convenience.

This advice may sound silly, but people in the race of life give up many things to achieve their dreams and goals but forget to look after their health.

So, here are the six basic things you should have for a comfortable and relaxing sleep:

  • Good Mattress

A good mattress can solve the problem of body pain and aches. You can choose many kinds of mattresses like a spring mattress, memory foam, latex, hybrid, etc.

  • Pillows

Many people complain about neck pain in the morning. They assume that it’s because of their workaholic nature, but the real reason is the sleeping posture and the pillow used. The neck is a vulnerable part of the body, and it helps you hold your head up, which weighs around 4.5 to 5kg. Using the right pillow and sleeping in the proper position helps avoid neck pain.

  • Bedsheet and Pillow Cover

The better the bedsheet and pillow cover material is, the higher the comfort level. Usually, cotton is considered to be the best material for bedsheet and pillow cover. If you suffer from dandruff, you can use a silk pillow cover so that the scalp will not dry fast, which reduces dandruff.

  • Bed Frame

A good bed frame makes the sleep fruitful, and one can wake up with the sun the following day. You can choose from the sizes like single, long, double, king size etc. You can also buy a bed frame with an adjustable electric base, with which you can change your head level to different heights.

  • Comforter/Blanket

A blanket is a must if it’s a winter night or a rainy one. A blanket does not just keep the cold away but keeps the heat inside, and you can adjust the temperature for a good sleep.

  • Eye Mask

You might have seen people wear eye masks on planes as the flight is never pitch dark. Somewhere, someone will be reading or doing some nonsense stuff other than sleeping. An eye mask can be used at home, too, for a pitch-black experience, especially if you have a street light problem or a roommate who never sleeps.

Bonus Points

Dim Lights: People who can’t sleep in a pitch-black room can use a dim light or candle.

Chill Temperature: A cool temperature makes the body rest better than a normal room temperature or hot one. Even if the temperature is fine, turning down the room temperature can help you to fall asleep quickly.

Keep Water Nearby: Having a water bottle nearby will remove the journey towards the fridge in the middle of the night.

Doing yoga for a few minutes and reading can totally put you in a sleepy mood. Also, try to avoid gadgets with a screen as blue light will disrupt the sleep cycle. A well slept night helps in creating a well-spent day. So, pick your wallet/purse and buy those items you need to sleep well.

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