All You Need to Know about UCAT registration deadline 2021

The new government comments about the roadmap out of lockdown have given us more confidence in our testing preparations for 2021. We plan to offer the UCAT at Pearson VUE test centres across the UK and globally in 2021. Read this blog post to know that your will easily learn about the UCAT registration dates. The UCAT registration deadline 2021 details are here. 

We feel that administering our two-hour computer-based test in a test centre atmosphere provides the greatest and most secure experience for our candidates. On our website, you can now find information on the 2021 test. Registration for the UCAT 2021 began on June 2, 2021, and booking began on June 28, 2021.

The pattern of the examination includes- 

  • Verbal Reasoning 
  • Decision making 
  • Qualitative Reasoning 
  • Situational Judgment 

The ‘situational judgment’ element of the exam, which assesses the ability to comprehend real-world situations, recognize crucial factors, and respond appropriately, is often the most difficult part for students. However, because the scenarios and cases in this section of the UCAT frequently refer to medical ethics, you should aim to be well-versed in this subject. 

Reading the GMC’s guide on proper medical practice will help! Knowing medical ethics will also assist you deal with ethical difficulties you’ll encounter throughout MMI interviews. Testing will begin on July 26th, and we are certain that our test centre network will have the capacity to serve all candidates.

Due to governmental and local data privacy restrictions, Pearson VUE is unable to provide online proctored examinations in the following countries: China, Cuba, Iran, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Sudan, and the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria). Our Test Centre Locator lists the test centres that will be able to administer the UCAT in 2021. 

Jamboree continues to keep a very careful eye on the situations of COVID 19 pandemic’s impact in the UK and around the world. If the pandemic continues to affect test centre availability, we have contingency preparations in place to enable candidates testing in 2021. UCAT registration deadline 2021 can be cleared with good and flex tutoring. 

You can find more information on the arrangements for taking the UCAT in 2021 here. Fill in your legal name precisely as it appears on the photo ID you’ll be using to take the test. You may be unable to test if there isn’t an exact match, and your test fee will be forfeited. 

Pearson VUE Customer Services can change the name on your UCAT account after seeing supporting ID. Please make sure that your name is the same when you register with UCAS so that your results may be connected to your application. 

The UCAT assists colleges in identifying applicants who possess the necessary mental talents, attitudes, and professional behaviour for new doctors and dentists to succeed in their clinical careers. It works in tandem with other admissions processes including the UCAS application and academic credentials. 

The UCAT is a computer-based test that may be taken at Pearson VUE test centres all around the world. On the About UCAT page, you may find more extensive information. It is also your chance to stand out from the crowd and show that you’re ready for a challenging programme of study.

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