What Makes Clogs Shoes So Desirable?

Feet are the most ignored parts of the body. Foot care is the most underrated self-care regime. You might have realised that your feet need care too! Hence, you would have stumbled upon the footwear that is incredibly desirable and comfortable – clogs. 

Brands like Taos manufacture clogs with utmost care and high-end materials to cater to the needs of feet. Individuals in the colder regions prefer to wear clogs indoors and outdoors. 

This post discusses clogs comprehensively and what makes them so desirable. Read on! 

What Distinguishes Clogs from Other Shoes?

Clogs loosely translate to pieces of wood; this gives away the unique feature of the shoes – wooden soled overshoe. 

Many might know clog shoes to be with a thick sole. However, only a few know that clogs come in three main varieties. 

  • Wooden Upper
  • Wooden soled 
  • Overshoes 

You would notice that clogs have wide soles and thick straps or bands across the top of the foot. This is the most distinguishable feature in these shoes. 

Plus, they come in various colours, depending on the material used to make them. Usually, clogs have a fabric upper and a removable wooden base that you can clean and repair. 

Are Clogs Good for Your Feet?

Yes, clogs are suitable for your feet. Besides the fashionable look, they offer ease to the heel pain of Plantar Fasciitis. They provide utmost comfort and support compared to the other footwear. 

They have a longstanding history of protective footwear. Individuals working in agriculture, factories, and mines prefer to wear clogs as durable footwear. 

The traditional clog manufacturers have repeatedly emphasised the importance of the original iconic shape of the footwear. Clogs are the perfect examples of ‘form meets function.’ So, clogs are essentially the best foot care you can give to yourself. 

What Makes Clogs Perfect Shoes?

Clogs are perfect in every way! Besides the unique design, they offer supreme comfort. Take a look at the bullet points to understand how clogs make a difference. 

  • Easy to put on: Clogs are the most effortless footwear to put on. You can slip them on when you’re in a rush and kick them off to remove them. You wouldn’t find the fit to be flimsy either. 
  • Comfort: Clogs are available in various materials. Each material offers a different level of comfort. Wool is the ideal winter wear, providing proper insulation as the most comfortable material. 
  • Indoor/outdoor: You can wear clogs anywhere you wish, indoors or outdoors. Several people living in the colder regions prefer to wear clogs indoors for insulation and to keep feet warm. 
  • Breathable: While you may feel that the materials are sturdy, you may also question whether they are breathable. Most clogs are breathable and allow your feet to feel warm without making them sweaty. 
  • Style Versatility: You may wear clogs with any outfit as you can find a collection of clogs at brands like Taos.

Summing Up

Clogs are fascinating footwear, and generations have worn them in the colder regions. They offer utmost comfort by supporting your feet and easing the pains. 

Now that you know how clogs can benefit your feet and provide warmth and comfort in the cold, it’s time to head to an online store to buy a pair of clogs!

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